Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Election Fraud Found!

And it was right where one would expect it - Waukesha County:
The Menomonee Falls student apparently running for Waukesha County Clerk has announced he will not run and that he was the victim of a senior prank.

This comes in stark contrast to The Waukesha Freeman's report of an interview with 17-year-old Kurt Heins, published Saturday, in which he was quoted as saying, "I guess I just really got into politics, so I figured the first thing I could probably have a good shot at running for would be Waukesha County clerk."

NOW spoke with Kurt's mother, Karen, who said she wasn't sure if it was actually Kurt who gave that interview. She further said that she'd been informed by Kurt's twin sister, Melodie, that Kurt did not plan to run for office and that someone else had turned in a registration statement on his behalf.

Shortly thereafter there was a post on the 'Kurt Heins for Waukesha County Clerk' Facebook page: "After extensive media coverage I, Kurt Heins, must inform you that I will not be running for county clerk. This decision was made from the victim of a well-planned senior prank. I have no intentions to run and will not be taking any future steps to run."

In a television interview Monday night, Kurt's father, Keith, signaled that Kurt did, in fact, intend to run. Now, less than 24 hours later, the story seems to be that all of this was a prank.

Whether Kurt ever planned to run remains a question. It's possible he realized he had been pranked and simply thought it might actually be a good idea to follow through.
I fully expect that Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who abhors all sorts of election fraud, will immediately investigate this and have the culprit(s) arrested and charged in no time.

I further expect that the Republican legislators - who are so diligent about the potential of voter fraud that they are willing to keep the elderly, the disabled and the poor from voting, just in case, you know, there might be some voter fraud that they just know is there but cannot prove - will also spring into action during their "special session" and pass a law that no one in Waukesha County is allowed to vote. Better yet, they might want to err on the side of caution and pass a law banning all Republicans from voting, since they seem to be the ones doing all the fraud.

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  1. "This decision was made from the victim of a well-planned senior prank." -that sentence makes no sense.

  2. Here's more.


  3. Glaser, the dude who now says he is behind this,thinks he's Stephen Colbert. He is not.

  4. TerryN - Are you sure you want to cite a group whose mouthpiece is in WI and IN? Maybe he needs to be investigated too.