Thursday, October 27, 2011

Walker's Reformed Results

Scott Walker is using tax payer dollars to mount his recall defense campaign (more on that later) by creating a website touting all of the "success" his budget has had.  But with a quick preliminary scan, you can already start seeing through the thin veil of lies.

For example, under the tab labelled "Lower Taxes," he list all of the school boards that allegedly saved money from his attack on working families (never mind that he testified under oath that the attacks had no financial impact).  Take a quick look at this screencap and see if you noticed what I did:

Did you notice the fourth school district?  He is saying Elmbrook Schools saved money.  But the fact is that they didn't have enough money to provide the necessary or the wanted services and had to close one of their most popular and successful schools due to his irresponsible budget scheming.

Now for a trickier question: Did you notice what is missing?  Walker, and now the Koch Brother-funded front groups, are touting the "success" of Kaukauna school district over and over again.  But he did not include it on his list of "successes."  Why not? Most likely, he knew that folks like me or Jake would tear the thing apart, since we know that the Kaukana is a lie.

If it's already this transparent that he is scrambling to try to defend his amoral and predictably failing budget with half-truths and out right lies, I can't wait to see what other things we can dig up from this.


  1. Governor's aren't allowed to tout their public successes in a public venue? Isn't that a little unfair? After all, aren't you promoting the idea of recalling the guy with less than a year in office?

    How is that coming btw? Polls are indicating that Walker is looking more and more safe as time passes.

  2. Sure he can boast of all the jobs he's chased away or the way he raised taxes and fees - on his own web site.

    And that's one poll out of several. All the rest indicate Scott's got more than just John Doe to worry about.

  3. Walker is probably going to be okay.

    Without the support of people on the street, people actually talking to each other as neighbors, and especially without the large rallying support of people being able to assemble the Governors doorstep, the recall will not work.

    The Kochs and others are already too committed to pouring in more money than we all have.

    Disinformation swells and seriously spins the true issues to where we don't really have any more debate as neighbors.

    John Menard will be putting up his PRO-Republican billboards all over Milwaukee again.
    Just like his "custom kitchen" signs, everyone will be see the same sign over and over and over.

    Even when most everyone agrees on the good things about the state, the constant Republican show spins itself into a shiny product where it makes the people who are not civic responsible sit back and enjoy there "custom kitchens."

    Because in America, and Wisconsin, people would rather care about themselves than their communities.

    We are in the "me" generation now, after all. As "me," why should I care about anyone else in my community, as long as I got mine.
    Right? Know-what-I'm saying?

    It's better to let the elitists burn it down. For those of us who think otherwise, we should keep our communication open and bunker down until WE are forced to rebuild the burnt shell of our state.

    Hell, can't even go into the capitol without some State Patrol guy looking like he's gonna shoot ya.

  4. A whole lot of talking points (some misleading) are being pasted to the comment sections of MJS, Cap Times. etc.

    Very little discussion from the RW other than the parroting or name calling.

  5. It's almost never advisable to read the comment sections at most papers.