Monday, October 10, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XXIII

Life keeps just getting better under the Walker budget. OK, not really:
Bemis Company Inc. will close its BemisTape plant on the north side of Oshkosh and eliminate 23 production jobs by the end of this year.

Bemis Public Relations Specialist Kristine Pavletich said the company determined it would require a significant investment in BemisTape to maintain market position and that such an investment was not consistent with the company's long-term strategy. The division produces carton sealing tapes, films and related equipment at a 33,000-square-foot plant at 3450 N. Main St.
I thought the Walker budget was supposed to make things better for businesses. Maybe the officers at Bemis didn't donate enough to the Walker campaign to gain from his machinations.

But the article goes on to remind us that Bemis isn't the only company affected by the failing economy of Fitzwalkerstan:
This isn't the only layoff the Oshkosh area will have to deal with this year.

General Electric Oil and Gas began to shift its Oshkosh operations to Houston last month and began phased layouts that will affect 89 people on Sept. 18, according to the layoff notice the company sent to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development on Sept. 2.

In November, the company cited difficult business conditions in the oil and gas industry when it announced the plant would close by the end of 2011. Originally, the company said 112 employees would be affected, but only about 90 remained when GE initiated its layoffs.

Most of those were production jobs.
Had enough yet? I have had enough and then some. I'm ready for the gales of November to come early.


  1. If memory serves me, Bemis was the company where Ron Johnson's father-in-law made his money, and Bemis was the biggest customer for Johnson's company.

  2. Looks like Abele's budget is working just as well. Cutting quite a few jobs, making employees contribute a lot more to their health care, and cutting ems funding.

  3. That's why Abele is called "Walker Lite." They're equally foolish in their budgets.