Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XXVII

Scott Walker said that he would give communities and school boards around the state the "tools" needed to deal with his irresponsible slashing of shared revenue and draconian and reprehensible abandonment of our schools.

Apparently for Waukesha, the tools consisted of a huge jump in garbage fees or a rusty ax:

So what are we looking at cutting in the City of Waukesha to save the $2.7 million (assuming we don’t get the garbage fee approved)?
  • Cut an open police officer position
  • Eliminate most police overtime
  • Reduce the replacement rate for obsolete police radios
  • Delay purchase of a new ambulance
  • Reduced road salt purchase to levels which won’t last the season
  • Two new police cars cancelled
  • Other unfilled positions left unfilled
  • Asphalt grinder cancelled
  • Parks & Rec vehicle cancelled

Apparently another tool that he unintentionally gave people is a can of gasoline to throw on the recall fire.

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