Sunday, October 2, 2011

People Who Wish They Were In The Union

There's a story in the Racine Journal Times telling the sad story of ten people who lost their job when the stimulus dollars funding them ran out.  But the story also shows why unions are still just as relevant as they've ever been, probably even more so with the corporate state Wisconsin is becoming under Scott Walker's maleficent regime:
Cotton said employees were told when the funds were received that layoffs would be necessary once the money was gone. The notices were given Friday, the same day the terminations were effective. Those laid off included two inspectors, two crew chiefs and three crew workers.

Addo Williams Jr., 48, of Racine, who had been with the agency 11 months, said he has never missed work and was promoted to crew chief after his first six months — yet he was still let go.

“If I’m not producing, how was I promoted?” he said. Others say their reviews show they’ve been more than competent at their jobs.

Racine resident Vanessa Tellez, who was also laid off, said the agency played “favorites” with its employees, some who’ve been working for about three months and others who are related to the agency’s managers.

“They just didn’t do this right,” she said.

Cotton could not be reached for comment later Friday. However, he had said that the agency doesn’t recognize seniority
“We told them we would be keeping the best individuals,” Cotton said.
The right wing, including Walker and his mindless lieutenant governor, Becky Kleefish, keep saying by destroying the unions, it allows them to reward the "best" teachers and the "best" workers. But as this story clearly demonstrates, it's not necessarily the best they are after, but the cheapest labor or the chance to practice cronyism and nepotism without restraint.

Or as we've seen with Walker, to practice graft and corruption to the hilt.

H/T Fred Dooley (whose Obama Derangement Syndrome prevents him from seeing that these people would never even had work if not for the stimulus money - they're sure going to be lucky to get one the way Walker is chasing them out of the state)

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