Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wisconsinites Beware!

My dear fellow Wisconsinites, beware!

There is a gruesome monster on the loose in Wisconsin, and there is no telling when and where it will appear.

Last night, I was visiting with some of my dearest friends in Madison. After saying good night to them, I walked off to my car. Little did I know that I was about to have a brushing with death by having a close encounter with this monstrosity.

I speak of none other than.....COUNT WALKULA!

This is not your typical undead.  Count Walkula is the un-braindead.

Nor is County Walkula your typical vampire, but a conservampire!  A conservampire doesn't just want to such your lifeblood out of your body, but to suck the money out of your wallet, suck the jobs out of your state, and such the rights out of your constitution.

There have been several conservampires seen in the Madison area, but County Walkula is the king of these blood-sucking weasels.

If you encounter Count Walkula or any of his minions, the only defense is to hold up a copy of the Constitution.  The only way to put an end to them is a special stake called Recall.  Do not hesitate to use either of these to defend yourself, your families and your loved ones.


  1. I heard that conservatives didn't have a sense of humor, but didn't believe it until now.

  2. Count Walkula is the un-braindead.

    Is that why the eyes seem ever so slightly crossed in all his photos?

  3. Thank you. I'm here all week (well, once in a while). Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks. And yup, I put your site in my reader last night.