Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XXV

Someone remind me, was Walker's promise to bring in 10,000 new businesses or chase away 10,000 businesses?
Johnson Controls Inc.plans to permanently close its factory in Hudson, in St. Croix County, leaving 51 employees without jobs.

Layoffs are expected to begin on Dec. 14 and continue through Feb. 28, 2012, according to a plant closing notice filed Monday with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. Some of the employees are represented by the United Auto Workers union Local 879.
How much more does he think we are going to take?

The gales of November come on the 15th.

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  1. West central WI is a little different, though.

    We have the ever-expanding Twin-Cities market not far away, cheap and undeveloped land, and a workforce of people who are more than willing to work for peanuts since there is not much for other alternatives.

    Numerous communities have now become dependent on big companies moving into the area along the western I-94 corridor. Companies are often attracted by the county incentives, like "tax-free" for 10 years type stuff.

    Plenty of land, freeway access, people willing to work. Come and get it, NO community commitment involved!!

    Sheila Harsdorf, however, has been sighted taking advantage of numerous photo opportunities indicating job growth.

    Schaffer, for instance...