Monday, October 3, 2011

The Most Important Question On An Application For A Walker-Created Job

Are you willing to relocate?
Nearly one in five of the jobs listed on a state website touted by Gov. Scott Walker as a resource for unemployed Wisconsin residents are actually located in neighboring states, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

More than 32,000 job openings were posted on the Job Center of Wisconsin's website as of Tuesday, but about 18 percent of them were in Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan. It was unclear how many of those roughly 6,000 jobs could be filled through telecommuting, though many appeared to require on-site work.

Walker ran on a promise to add 250,000 private sector jobs in the state by 2015, and the Republican repeatedly referenced the website -- the state's official jobs site -- in his radio address last week as a place for Wisconsin's unemployed to find jobs and quickly connect with employers.
But even though Walker's job gaffe is breathtaking in its dishonesty and absurdity, that isn't the thing that really made me want to bang my head against the wall. It was these lines from Walker's mouthpiece, Cullen "Mr. Immunity" Werwie (emphasis mine):
Filling any of the out-of-state jobs wouldn't help Walker keep that campaign promise, but his spokesman said Tuesday that the jobs were worth pointing out.

"Residents who live in our state and work elsewhere create a positive impact on their local communities," spokesman Cullen Werwie said. "They spend their money back in their communities, create economic activity and ultimately help create an environment for job creation in those areas."
Wait! What's this? Spending money creates economic activity and ultimately jobs?

So how does Team Walker justify taking hundreds of millions of dollars out of the economy by busting the unions and gouging the workers? Is it any wonder that Walker has led the state into losing jobs and having up the unemployment in the state?

He either just doesn't know what he's doing or he doesn't give a damn as long as he appeases his campaign donors.

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