Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Look At The 2012 Milwaukee County Budget

We at Milwaukee County First took a look at Milwaukee Chris Abele's first budget.

I gotta say that if it's not as ugly as one of Walker's, it's close enough not to matter.

It's true that Walker left Abele with a stinking mess, which he only made worse as governor.

But in this case, it's a matter of Garbage In, Garbage Out.


  1. I had a chance to look at the proposed budget for the Parks Department and it looks pretty gruesome.

    While Skippy was County Exec. he eliminated quite a few full time employees in the Parks but he claimed to make up for that by putting more money into the seasonal staff budget. The 2012 budget actually removes the increase in the seasonal staff budget.

    WTF? I guess people don't want to have snow plowed or grass cut in a timely manner.

    The Parks department is constantly being set up to fail. How bad do the parks have to look before the people really start to care and complain?

    Why is it that we had King Tommy "Stick it to us" with a tax increase to pay for a baseball stadium that a majority of Milwaukee County citizens can't afford to get into while we can't have a tax to support our Parks, Transit and our Museums that so many could use or benefit from?

    In the Wednesday Journal Sentinel I saw that Sherrif Clark is unhappy that his department is being cut. He claims that he is being "set up to fail". The Parks department had been set up to fail every year that Scott Walker was County Executive but the dedicated employees in the Parks would not let that happen and they worked within their budget.

    Will Clark let it happen? Will he fail to do his job? Will he work within his budget and share the pain of the rest of the citizens of Milwaukee County and still do his job?

    Probably not. Some republicans don't seem to do well in hard economic times without taxpayer bailouts.