Friday, October 14, 2011

If He Couldn't Do It Then, Why Did Anyone Expect Him To Be Able To Now?

For the majority of the year, business leaders around the state have been complaining that there is a dearth of skilled workers.  In spite of the desperate need of trained workers, Scott Walker, in his infinite lack of wisdom, actually savaged the funding for the technical colleges that could train the workers, making the shortage even worse.

It's inexplicable how Walker would propose to fill the 250,000 jobs he promised to create if he is actively ensuring that the workers wouldn't be there. But then again, under Walker's failing leadership (or lack thereof) we're losing more jobs than we're gaining.  Maybe that is how he plans on addressing that issue.

But Walker's failure at workforce development, like most of his other failures, is old news.

As Milwaukee County Executive, he was so horridly bad at developing an adequate workforce that the state had to intervene, as they've had to do in so many other areas,   The state took away the Private Industry Council, a workforce development program, from his control and passed it over to the City of Milwaukee and Mayor Tom Barrett.

As with campaigning techniques and ethics and budgeting, Walker proves that is consistent in his inability to do anything right.

But at least in Milwaukee County, now more or less free of Walker's misguided agenda, some of our county supervisors have launched their own jobs initiative.which will get more people ready to work that Walker has done his entire political career, which is his entire "adult" life.

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