Friday, October 7, 2011

Guns Will Keep Us Safer

Unless, of course, you decide to go to work or get a hair cut or any number of normal routine everyday activities:
An Ohio barber says he got more than a tip from one longtime customer, whose gun accidentally discharged and left a bullet in the hair cutter’s backside.

Barber Kurt Voelkel in the Cleveland suburb of Parma says the man was adjusting his clothing and sitting down on Sept. 29 when a 9 mm handgun fell from his holster, struck the ground and went off.

WJW-TV reports a bullet passed through the chair where Voelkel was sitting and also went through his wallet before coming to rest deep in his buttocks. He spent more than two hours being treated at a hospital, where doctors decided to leave the slug where it is, for now.

Voelkel decided not to file charges against the customer, who’s covering his medical needs.
At the very least, the clown of a customer should be charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.

And just think, in less than a month, Wisconsinites will be exposed to this kind of danger every single day, thanks to Scott Walker and his Republican allies that again refused to listen to the people and have declared November 1 to be Conservative Overcompensation Day.

And if anyone really things that having horde's of insecure lunatics running around armed is a good thing, it only shows that you're too stupid to be allowed to have a gun in the first place.


  1. From what I understand, the hunters safety course a person took in junior high school is all that is needed to apply?

    Also, "gun" is just one "weapon" on the list of allowable items.

    Locally, it seems almost every city has had to spend additional time and money for the new law, which after reading one lawyers interview locally, makes it sound like the law is SO vague and undefined...

    well, all you need is a good lawyer that can spin things in your favor in court, with the Walker crew.


    Yea, yea, yea, I know Fox News lies. They must have manipulated the numbers at the sources of the studies too.

    Note the use of the word plummeted when citing crime rates.

  3. Sources of the studies operated by the corporate legislature known as ALEC. But, which Koch is King?

  4. Note that Fox News also said that there were palm trees growing in Madison. In February. Why anyone pays them any attention is beyond me, unless they are a fan of fiction or are working on a psychology thesis.