Thursday, October 13, 2011

#occupywisconsin Events

There are various #occupywisconsin events going on Friday and Saturday.  From the AFL-CIO blog, here is a listing of them, so far:

  • Appleton, Saturday, Oct. 15: Gather at Jones Park at 9:00 am, bring your own lunch for noon. March to Chase Bank at 1:00 pm. 3:00 pm march to Houdini Plaza. 5:00 pm march back to Jones Park.
  • Green Bay, Friday Oct. 14: Rally at Green Bay City Hall, 3:00 pm.
  • Madison, Saturday Oct. 15: March with Occupy Madison in the March to End the Wars, sponsored by the Madison Area Peace Coalition. 11:30 am, Library Mall.
  • Milwaukee, Saturday Oct. 15: 11:00 am rally at Zeidler Park followed by a march to Chase Bank.
  • New Berlin, Friday, Oct 14: Meet at Malone Park at 3:30pm and march to Chase Bank on 155th & National Avenue
I know, I know. I'm kind of blown away by the Appleton and New Berlin events. Who'd have ever thunk that the GOP would screw up so bad that the people would find their way into those strongholds?


  1. Take a shower, clean yourself up.

    You cannot stay more than a day buddy.

    You can barely occupy your own life, let alone a movement.

  2. Ooooookay. Well, thanks for your input, even if it was nonsensical rantings.

  3. This blog is nonsensical rantings...

  4. I like this blog. Keep it up and Go Brewers!

  5. TerryN,

    How ironic that is coming from you.