Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walker Blog Sites Have Longevity Issues

When I first introduced you, gentle reader, to the wide world of Walkergate, I made mention of a certain pro-Scott Walker blog site which suddenly disappeared as Walkergate was just starting to unfold:
Interestingly, at the same time interest in Wink and Russell were growing, there was a website called "," which was a strongly pro-Walker blog and was staffed with people who had obvious political connections. There had been speculation that the writers were members of Walker's county staff, his campaign staff (or both, since Walker has a long history of blurring that line).

Around the time of Wink's outing, they stopped publishing new posts. A week later, they killed their twitter account. Before 2010 came to a close, they had removed all comments and then took the entire site down.
As I was doing some research for another piece, I came across another interesting tidbit.

Walker has, in the fairly recent past, had the blog spot, which he quaintly called the Team Tosa Blog and which was written mostly by Rich in Retail, eliminated, or at least removed from public access:

Isn't it curious that this happens just as the movement to recall him is about to kick off?  It really makes me want to know what he is hiding.  Is it the promises he didn't keep?  The hypocritical stances that he is so famous for? Does it have something to do with the ongoing John Doe investigation?

Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Great post, great catch on "ScottforGov."

  2. It's a PITA, but if you're tracking, screen shots offer a wealth of archived info. Takes time, but you never know when what you've read will come in handy. Especially when someone pulls an already suspect site down.

    Can't the Dem's put somebody on the payroll to track for them?

  3. I would suspect that with the recalls and 2012 elections, the Dems are pretty stretched at the moment. Besides, that would require a lot of man hours to keep up with all the web sites.

  4. Don't forget the astro-turfers, they're out there right now on the internet tossing out hate, misdirection, and misinformation.

    The term, "sockpuppet," reveals all...

  5. The WayBack Machine ( is also your friend.

  6. The WayBack Machine ( is also your friend.