Thursday, October 6, 2011

Walker Announces He'll Clean Up His Own Mess, Acolytes Sing Paeans

Scott Walker made a grandiose state on Thursday, announcing that he is creating a new position of inspector general to go after all of the fraud that is happening in the various DHS programs which are aimed at aiding the poor, the disabled and the elderly.

Walker acolyte and yes man, Owen Robinson, is besides himself in pleasure of this announcement.  He even goes as far as to state that the position should be paid on commission instead of a salary, despite it being a civil service job.  He must be so used to Walker's long history of pay to play that he actually thinks it's a way to run government.

The funny thing about all this is that it is the equivalent of Walker announcing he is going to clean up some milk that he spilled.

When he was Milwaukee County Executive, he actually helped foment and grow the problem by cutting the number of staff that were assigned to do fraud investigation.  His mismanagement of this entire program led to a class action lawsuit being filed against Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin.  Governor Jim Doyle saved Walker's political hide by taking over the state and bringing the program back to full staff and within compliance of the law.

One of the county workers that did do fraud investigation, Cynthia Jaeger, who was a county worker until her retirement a three years ago, was so good at her job that she won state recognition for her work and was the only worker in the entire nation to recoup more than $1 million in a single year.  Cindy saved tax payers more than $5 million in a three year span.  And she did that just at county wages, including furloughs.

So how did Walker, who claims that "preventing waste, fraud and abuse of tax payer dollars" is his top priority, recognize the hard work of Ms. Jaeger  and all of the money she saved the tax payers?  Employee of the month? Special commendation?

Nope, he let her retire without a word  and without filling her then vacant position.

Walker's only priority is to lie, cheat and steal his way into conning people into thinking he is anything more than a puppet for the big-moneyed special interests.  And he's not even doing that very well.

I wonder if the inspector general will do anything about the biggest cause of fraud and abuse of tax payer dollars...or if he's just going to wait until the people recall Walker.


  1. Excellent post, thanks.

  2. Typical GOP move, create a problem and then pose about how you're going to take steps to solve them. Of course, if the GOPs ever had a clue about getting it right the first time, THERE'D BE NO NEED TO "FIX" IT!

    Pathetic symbolic move. Do they think the average Wisconsinite is as dumb as the average Sykes listener.