Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh! The Humanity!

Given the way that squawk radio and the right wing zombie brigade have been going on about how terrible the #occupy protesters have been, I was sure that the city would be leveled by the chaos, the mayhem and the wild, out-of-control behavior.

Looks like the right wing got caught in their lies again.


  1. Oh nuts, you didn't get me on that shot. I guess it was because I was there with my 73 year old mother and she was walking with her CANE! Yes, we were baaaaad ass, glad the riot police were out in full gear.

  2. Weren't they defecating on cars in New York?

  3. Milwaukee and New York are so much alike that I could see how you get them confused...

  4. Not sure what that means.

  5. Maybe the police were there in their riot gear to protect the protesters from the CRG (Creepy Rightwing Goons). From my experience at the rallies that I have attended it was usually the Walker supporters and other right wing anti-protesters that usually cause trouble. I was at Serb Hall a few years ago while union members were protesting Walker as he was speaking to the CRG. I saw a Walker supporter pushing his way through protesters, deliberately bumping into them. He actually pushed a woman to the ground. The worst offense the protesters did on that day was to delay people entering or leaving the parking lot for a moment while they crossed in front of the drive way.

    And the right wing talking heads called the protesters a bunch of "union thugs." Go figure.

    BTW I am surprised that you have not commented on Walkers delay in paying into his pension. He promised to start paying into the pension as soon as he took office but delayed until August. But then again, Walker being a complete hypocrite and backing out on a campain promise especially if it benifits him and he thinks that no one will find out is no news and no surprise.

  6. I chronicled the Serb Hall incident here. Fortunately, said thug was found and arrested.

    As for the pension scandal, cut me some slack please! There's only one of me and there is so much to cover.