Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XXIX

As with Waukesha, the small town of Clintonville is trying to cope with the money they lost so that Scott Walker could give raises to cronies and tax breaks to campaign donors.  And like Waukesha, Clintonville is about to sacrifice public safety for the sake of a few bucks:
Clintonville's new approach to saving its residents money is keeping some of them in the dark. The city had to cut its budget by $357,000.

So leaders in the city of 4,559 people came up with the idea of turning off some street lights to save some money.

But some residents say there's a cost to that move: their safety. Clintonville's streets are darker than Carol Oesteich can ever remember. And she doesn't like it.

“I think it's a danger to the people that walk. I think it's bad for the children with sports and everything walking,” said Oestreich.

The street lights with black plastic over them are no longer lighting the roads. And it's worrying some residents

“What if there was a kid that was going down the street and there's no street light, so how is a car supposed to be able to see them?" said Cory Hanson.

The city no longer turns on 10 percent of its street lights, which equals 70 lights. City officials say they targeted lights in the middle of a block near other lights.
The more that Walker's budget takes it's choke hold on this state, the more I feel like we're in Colorado Springs. That's not the future I want for this once great state.

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