Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Walker Budget Is Already Working! Part XXVI

And boy is it ever working, managing to scare off another private sector jobs 900 jobs in just one month. And that was the good news. The public sector job loss was much, much worse:
Private sector employment fell in September in Wisconsin for the third consecutive month, even as the unemployment rate improved slightly, according to the latest report released today by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.
The state lost 900 jobs among private-sector employers, the report said.

Employment in the government sector continued to fall, losing an estimated 11,700 jobs. The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dipped slightly to 7.8 percent in September from 7.9 percent in August.

The unemployment rate in January, when Gov. Scott Walker took office with a promise to create 250,000 new jobs in the next four years, was 7.4 percent.
This was never about private sector jobs versus public sector jobs. This is about people wanting to work versus people like Walker who only wants to give our money to his wealth campaign donors.

Fortunately, the gales of November are coming.

1 comment:

  1. It is about class, not jobs.

    Is not a core principle of conservatism that of maintaining separation of social class?

    What better way to maintain social class than to assault the middle class in every way possible?

    Conservatism at the core also emphasizes that people need to "earn" their way into prosperity. Is this not true?

    I have concluded that Mr. Walker, and every Republican in Wisconsin seeks to weaken the lower class to bring order back to the conservative social classes.

    Society is a pyramid to these super-patriot conservative co-opted Tea Party Republicans. It is not simply about balancing the budget so "we" will not default or overspend.

    No, in a pyramid, only the top 1% is at the top, all other classes taper out. Mr. Walker wants to widen the base of Wisconsin's societal pyramid.

    Think of that image on our currency..., the floating top piece of the pyramid. The one eye is the elite, the top 1%....

    And they want to be back in control as society's true leaders.

    Mr. Walker must go!