Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Randy Hopper: Republican Poster Boy

Hopper's mug shot - Photo
courtesy Fond du Lac County Jail
If one looks at the past couple of years of Randy Hopper's life, you would realize that he is the perfect poster boy for the Republican Party.

In January 2010, Hopper betrayed his wife and started having an affair with a lobbyist half his age, destroying his marriage as well as any credibility regarding his position of an elected leader.

In order to be close to his adulterous paramour, he moved out of his district, making a mockery of our electoral system.

He then made a sham of the civil service code by coaching and helping his mistress to get a cushy state job at an elevated pay scale.

During this time, Hopper joined his Republican cohorts in systematically attacking all that is good in Wisconsin, ramming through bill after bill destroying workers' rights, destroying women's rights, disdaining human dignity, removing ecological protections, widening the gap between the rich and the poor, raising taxes and fees on those least able to afford to give more, re-victimizing those that had already been victims of the poor economy (which they made so much worse) and performing almost every other conceivable evil deed they could think of.

Despite the Koch Brothers and other special interest groups like the private school profiteers and the anti-women and anti-gay groups pouring tons of money into the race and fellow Republicans going on squawk radio and making appearances to support him, he was rightfully recalled by the people of his district and replaced by a much better representative for the people, Jessica King.

Since his ouster from government, Hopper continued with his destructive ways, but turning them inwards.  On Sunday night, he not only got busted drunk driving (with his mistress in the car - who promptly bailed on him) but then refused to comply with a breathalyzer test for several hours.

Now, when I first heard this news early this morning, I will admit that I felt a bit of schadenfreude, but did not consider it to be worth writing a post about.

But that changed when I saw this post by MAL Contends which is reporting that the radio station that Hopper owns, KFIZ, was blocking the story regarding his arrest.  This is so very typical of the Republicans and the corporate media (in this case the Republicans and the corporate media are one and the same), reporting only the news they see fit to allow the public to know.

I don't understand what Hopper was trying to prove by blocking this news story since it was being reported by every other news source across the state.

In summary, Hopper portrays the very worst and increasingly typical aspect of Republicans.  He is hypocritical and will say whatever he thinks the public want' to hear whether he means it or not. He only cares for himself and his rich friends, but doesn't give a hoot for the people, even those he is supposed to represent.  But most typical of today's Republicans, their desire to destroy anything and anyone that gets between them and making a buck is so strong that they'll even turn upon themselves and the things they claim to hold so dearly like marriage or freedom.

It's really very sad for them.  But it also exemplifies with crystal clarity why they are not fit to lead this state.

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  1. Had no idea until the OWI story broke that Randy "owned" a radio station.