Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tracey Corder: The Clear Choice For County Supervisor

In Milwaukee County's 18th Supervisory District, the race to replace the disgraced Johnny Thomas is between Tracey Corder and Deanna Alexander.  And that choice couldn't be any simpler to make.

Early in the year, I did an interview with Corder and came away very impressed.  Corder has definite and positive plans on how to restore her district by rebuilding the transit system so that people can get to jobs and rebuilding the Northridge area to make it a place that businesses and people are drawn to instead of fleeing from.

In comparison, Alexander doesn't even hold her campaign parties in Milwaukee County, much less in the district she wants to represent.

Because of her positive campaign and definitive plan to improve her district, Corder has earned the endorsement and support of  many groups, politicians and papers.

Meanwhile, Alexander boasts of receiving the endorsement of Wisconsin Family Action PAC, an extremist right wing group that has been tied in with the Koch Brothers front group Americans for Prosperity in mailing fake absentee ballots to people.  AFP sent out form letters that looked like absentee ballots, but the return address was really for the Wisconsin Family Action PAC.  

Yeah, not exactly a group I would want to be tied to, much less brag about being endorsed by.

Alexander also has a transparency issue and has been less than completely forthcoming to the voters.  Zach Wisnewski at Blogging Blue noted that Alexander is also a big supporter of Scott Walker and his attack on the workers and ruining the state's economy.  Most ironically, Wisnewski quotes her as saying:

“I think the most important thing to recognize here is that the government is not in the business of employing people, nor should it be.”
Remember, this is a Milwaukee County employee seeking to be a Milwaukee County supervisor saying the government isn't in the job of employing people.

To add to the strangeness of it all, after Wisnewski wrote his report, Alexander deleted it all from her site.  What would she do as a supervisor? It's illegal to delete communication records.

Alexander has also followed the other right wing candidates, like Bill Buresh and Jan Pierce in avoiding the issues and going for the negative, personal attacks.  She attacked Corder because she has many supporters.  Alexander boasts that she doesn't get any money from organizations or committees.  From the looks of her campaign finance report, it doesn't look like Alexander has been receiving much support except from herself.

Alexander really crossed the line when she sent out this mailer to people:

Being a social worker myself, I would like to know why Alexander thinks that's a bad thing.  Or is she just using her career as a bureaucrat in order to be elitist?

With the reference to the "four convictions" against Corder, she is being downright dishonest and deceitful.  There are four cases involving Corder listed on CCAP.  But two of them are small claims court involving the time when she lived with her brother and the other two are traffic violations.  Not exactly the hardened criminal that Alexander is trying to portray her as.

So you see, the good people of District 18 have a very simple choice.

They can vote for the popular, likable and personable Tracey Corder and her positive plan to restore businesses and jobs to her community through economic development and collaboration with her constituents.

Or they can vote for the negative, elitist, hypocritical Deanna Alexander who doesn't support her district or the working people in it and is supported by shady hate groups that tamper with and try to rig elections.

Again, I endorse Tracey Corder.  Milwaukee County and the 18th District would do well to elect the person who wants to rebuild the area, work with her constituents and respects them enough to be up front with them.


  1. Who really wrote this? Corder's campaign been busted twice being dishonest, one time having to dismiss her campaign manager whom she paid $500. More recently her current campaign manager called Alexander claiming to be a constituent of the 18th and tried unsuccessfully to trap her.

    If you knew the district, you'd realize that there are very few places to hold events. Even Ms. Corder had her latest fund raiser out of the district. And no matter how you want to paint it, out of the district is out of the district.

    I looked at the comparison flyer and I don't see where it says a social worker is a bad thing. That is your own conclusion.

    Ms. Alexander's point concerning the County's responsibility for jobs is taken way out of context. Her point is that government's main responsibility isn't to create jobs which are paid by taxes. Even you would have to admit that if it were at some point the system would collapse because there would not be enough money coming in from taxes to support the overload. I'm sure as a county worker she supports family supportive jobs.

    I live in the 18th district and haven't heard anything from Tracey Corder. That's not a good sign for things to come should she win. At least she didn't her money from Eyon Biddle to have his brother write her a campaign song.

    1. And she fired the bad manager. BTW, $500 isn't much for a campaign manager.

      No, the difference is how it's presented. To say otherwise is simply dishonest.'

      And how can you say her comment was taken out of context when the comment was removed? And why didn't you raise that issue at the time at the site it came from? More dishonesty.

      And if the concern was really about the costs, why blame the workers and not go after the problem, which is the out of control health care market? When it was tried, you wingers screamed bloody murder. Spare me your faux outrage.

      And you never get into Alexander's "associates." Wonder why that is...

  2. As a person being stalked by the Corder campaign, I can't help but wonder "why so serious?"
    Ask a question people jump down your throat. Ask about the CCCAP record, your family and home are targets. This does not bode well for a responsible campaign team that says it is transparent, is really thuggish.
    When met wth proof, questions, and adult discussion the entire team has been violent and spiteful. Targeting people to damage their homes and families and condoning it makes me fear this person and her hitmen!

  3. Hmmm, anonymous, misspelled, undocumented and unverified. Might be good enough for talk radio, but not for the thinking person.

  4. I too was attacked by the Corder campaign. They really pushed me to take my Alexander sign down. I did report this to Milwaukee Election Commission and to the Milwaukee PD as I saw Corder people removing things and replacing them.
    This campaign and its candidate are very questionable.
    The record is questionable, but when I tried to discuss these concerns and ask about transit (my only means of mobility) I was made to feel like a horrible person. I then contacted reporters who have been reporting factual information and saw they were being villified. I also sent proof of these things to the police who didn't seem to care! Thank God for honest journalists. This peice does not reflect the Corder campaign I unfortunately got to know. The journalist I wrote questioned and took hell for those of us in the district who were only trying to discuss and share our issues. We were ignored or treated horrible.

  5. More of the same. Do I have to start dragging out IP addresses?