Thursday, July 16, 2015

Abele Really, Really Hates The Poor

As I discussed this morning, state senators hammered out a deal on how they would rake over the taxpayers to provide corporate welfare for the billionaire Bucks owners.  One of the most significant changes from the old plan is how Milwaukee County taxpayers are going to have to foot their share of the bill.

Under the old plan, Milwaukee County Emperor would hand over the county's debt collection to the state, sending debt collectors to shake down the poorest of the poor in the county.  When this plan failed, the state would cut state aids to the county by $4 million per year.

Under the new plan, Abele would no longer be persecuting people for being poor and the state would go directly to cutting state aids to the county.

Emperor Abele was just besides himself at not having an excuse to attack the poorest of the poor for his amusement:
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele blasted the change that would drop a plan to pay for the county's portion of the arena through improved collection of debts to the county.

"I think this is disastrous," Abele said, but he added later that the package is still a "net positive."

Abele criticized Sen. Chris Larson (D-Milwaukee) for working to insert the change, which Larson said was necessary to secure his vote for the arena. But Abele said it opens a hole in the county budget that could result in cuts to social services and bus routes.

Abele said Larson's change effectively protects people who aren't paying their property taxes at the expense of people who are.

Larson and some other Democrats have responded that an arena for billionaire owners shouldn't be funded by people who haven't been able to pay their debts. He said Abele and other county officials will have to find a different way to contribute to the arena but said it's still possible that the state might take over Milwaukee County debts if county officials agree.

Abele said he would likely turn the debt he controls over to the state, but he added that most county debt is the responsibility of County Treasurer David Cullen and Clerk of Courts John Barrett.
So Abele admits that the deal is a "net positive" but he's still having a tantrum because now he has no cover for attacking poor people.

And to think that Abele and his apologists still think of themselves as progressives and Democrats.

The great irony of it all is that while Abele wants to attack people who don't pay their taxes or their tickets, he is one of the greatest offenders:
Chris Abele, the millionaire philanthropist running for county exec, doesn't pay any state or federal income taxes.

That's been well-documented.

But the guy apparently doesn't mind dipping into his wallet to help the city's meter readers meet their monthly quotas.

Records show Abele has racked up 92 parking tickets since Jan. 1, 2007. Of those tickets - which run $22 each - he paid a $5 late fee on 26 and a $15 late fee once.

Total cost: $2,169.

To most people, that's real money, but it's just a drop in the bucket for the scion of wealthy Boston businessman John Abele.

"Chris is on the go a lot," explained Brandon Lorenz, Abele's campaign spokesman.

Like nobody else is.
Ah! So social responsibility is only for the poor. Blue-blooded emperors can't be bothered with behaving like commoners.

And if you're waiting for Abele to kick in some of his own millions to pay for the arena, don't hold your breath.  Why should he use his money when he can pay for his playground with our money?

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