Sunday, July 26, 2015

Who Paid For Deanna Alexander's Trip To The ALEC Convention?

Last week, ALEC had their annual convention in San Diego.  Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander managed to make the trip out there for the fun and games and brainwashing:
Traveled to lovely San Diego this week for a conference where we share ideas on good legislation and best practices in issues like policy making processes. One of the top panels I learned from covered body cameras for law enforcement- examining how to protect the public from corrupt cops and how to protect police from false accusations while respecting everyone's privacy rights. It was an added bonus to have Governor Scott Walker join us for breakfast to talk about government reform.
Good for her! I'm glad she had a good time.
But it does raise the question of just how did she pay for the trip and the stay out there.  I mean, it couldn't be cheap.

We know that Alexander doesn't have a lot of money, since she had to use her official position to help raise money for her father's funeral, despite it being illegal and unethical for her to do so.  Did she use some of the excess money from all those anonymous donors to pay for her trip?

Or did she use taxpayer money to make this jaunt?  We know that she has no problem using taxpayer money for things that she shouldn't use it for.

Or did ALEC pay for her trip and hotel stay and food?  ALEC has been repeatedly shown to do that for other lawmakers and Alexander shows that she has no trouble with taking corporate handouts from dark money front groups like the misnamed Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

Of course, taking money from ALEC would also be illegal and unethical, but that sort of stuff never slowed Alexander down.

Seeing that Alexander is almost as prolific as Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan at sending out press releases for political purposes, I sincerely hope that she sends one out to tell us by whom and how this political jaunt of hers was paid for.

But as usual, don't hold your breath for Alexander to do the right thing.

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  1. She probably got an ALEC "scholarship" like our representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt got a couple of years ago.