Monday, July 13, 2015

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXLIV

On the day that Scott Walker told the country that they should elect him to be president because he was so successful as governor, 100 people in the La Crosse area are getting a first hand taste of Walker's success:
An architecture, engineering and construction firm in La Crosse told state officials Monday that it will shut its doors, eliminating 100 jobs.

The closing of TCI Architects / Engineers / Contractor Inc. will bring to an end a 38-year-old company that has done more than $400 million in government work and a large number of commercial projects in Wisconsin and beyond.

In its notice to the state, TCI said it has been unable to raise additional capital to finance its operations and provide reserves. The company cited "a changing market place."
The tools, they are working...


  1. In other news, a Pennsylvania company is moving it's headquarters to Wis. Bring 136 jobs paying $36 ($75,000 dollars per year) per hour to Wisconsin. It's working!

    1. Yet Walker's Wisconsin leads the nation in jobs lost, greatest loss in the middle class, greatest drop in median income and is last in entrepeneurship. Tell me again how it's working...

    2. 136 jobs at a price tag of $4.9 MILLION in tax credits and other taxpayer-funded handouts. Or over $30,000 a job.

      Hey, give me $4.9 mil, and I'll add a few jobs. But I sure wonder how the cother and state get by in the meantime

  2. KENOSHA — After just one month of operations at its new fulfillment center here, Amazon announced it will double its workforce by hiring more than 1,000 additional people.

    MILWAUKEE — Zurn Industries LLC's is moving its headquarters here from Pennsylvania, relocating 120 headquarters employees, earning an average of $36 an hour.

  3. Thanks for not posting the avg salary of the Amazon kind that would have just embarrassed us all

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