Saturday, July 11, 2015

Scott Walker Teams Up With America's Best Contacts and Eye Glasses

By Jeff Simpson

As Capper pointed out, Scott Walker started his Presidential campaign with a premature tweet and a stolen logo.   It is so much easier to steal someone else's work than come up with your own ideas.

If you have a few minutes this weekend, I highly recommend you send a note to America's Best Contacts and Eye Glasses, at this link, and let them know that you can not do business with a company that so closely aligns(same logo) with Scott Walker.

 Let's see if we can get them to send a cease and desist letter to the Walker campaign.  

Here is my note:

I am in the market for contacts and was looking at your website, then I saw you and Scott Walker have the same logo.  If you are affiliated with Scott Walker or he is part owner, I am not the least bit interested in doing business with you.   


  1. Great Idea! Here's what I wrote in case anyone else wants a template to use:

    I saw online that Scott Walker is using your logo for his upcoming presidential run. I would like to inform you that my family will not be shopping at your stores if you are in any way affiliated with him, or if he continues using your logo. Like most teachers, I am repulsed by his name and right now it looks as if the two of you are affiliated. I hope it isn't so, but I want you to know that my family avoids all things Scott Walker.

    Thank you for your consideration.