Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bradley Foundation's Grebe Named Walker's Campaign Chair

One of the most recent fairy tales to come out of Scott Walker's campaign is that he is own political strategist.

For anyone who has followed Scott Walker's lifelong political career for more than five minutes knows that this is laughable unless you count kowtowing to his dark money benefactors as a political strategy.

One of Walker's biggest and oldest dark money masters is the Bradley Foundation and its CEO Michael Grebe. So it should come as no surprise when Walker named Grebe as his campaign chair again:
When Scott Walker formalizes his presidential run Monday with a long-anticipated announcement, he will have at his side a seasoned veteran of Republican politics and an architect of the modern conservative movement. THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned that Walker is expected to name Michael Grebe as campaign chairman as early as Friday.

Grebe’s role, while not unexpected, is nonetheless a coup for Walker, who has firmly established himself as a first-tier candidate for the 2016 Republican nomination. Grebe served as chairman of both of Walker’s bids for governor, as well as Walker’s 2012 recall election – so he knows the candidate well.
I'm not sure how this is a coup for Walker. The Bradley Foundation has invested tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of dollars into Walker's political career. Any good, greedy investor is going to keep a close eye on their investment to make sure it's not money wasted.

To show you how good of an idea this is, Sith Lord Karl Rove approves of the move:
“He has this unique combination of talent and experience in politics and policy that makes him one of the most respected people I’ve known,” says Karl Rove, former top adviser to George W. Bush.

Those who have worked with Grebe say his equanimity will help bring a steady hand to the Walker campaign team. “He’s bright, low-key, unflappable,” says Rove. “He has the demeanor of the lawyer that your family has depended on for years.”
In other words, Grebe is going to keep a tight rein on Walker in the hopes of getting him to stop shooting himself in the foot.

To further show how the corporate media is in lockstep with Walker's campaign, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had this to say about the appointment:
Grebe told the Journal Sentinel in 2011 there was nothing secretive about what the foundation does.

"We're going to run off tackle, right over there, and we're telling you we're going to run there and we're going to knock you on your butt and carry the ball down the field," Grebe said then. "There are no surprises."
Either the corporate media giant forgot or hoped that we forgot that the Bradley Foundation laundered money through another right wing foundation in order to put up a lot of racist billboards aimed at suppressing the vote during Walker's first election and the recall.

The media also failed to mention that Walker and Grebe's relation is so symbiotic that Walker appointed Grebe's son to the University of Wisconsin's Board of Regents.

Regardless of the corporate media's failings, this does confirm what we already known...that Walker is completely beholden to his dark money benefactors like the Bradley Foundation and just like Grebe, the Money Badger, he doesn't give a damn about the people.

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