Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Scott Walker's Partial Recall

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By Jeff Simpson

In 2012 during the recall elections, Scott Walker worked with the dark money group - the Coalition for American Values (CAV)to diminish the actual recall(apparently the videos have disappeared)(emphasis mine):

Days before Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker's June 2012 recall election, two TVads ran on stations statewide. Paid for by a group called the Coalition for American Values (CAV), the ads attacked the very notion of holding a recall election (even though it's in the state constitution) and featured supposed Wisconsin citizens speaking out against the recall. "I didn't vote for Scott Walker, but I'm definitely against the recall," one man says. In another ad, the narrator says, "Recall isn't the Wisconsin way...End the recall madness. Vote for Scott Walker June 5th."

CAV put $400,000 behind those ads, which stoked a sense of unease about the recall among Wisconsin voters. Walker coasted to a seven-point victoryExit polls strongly suggested that CAV's ads played a part in the governor's win. Yet the mystery surrounding the Coalition for American Values persisted. The group never disclosed how much it spent, how much it raised, or who funded it.

Now that Scott Walker is running for President, it appears that recalls are "the Wisconsin Way" as Scott Walker is using the Recall in his latest "I am not running for President" ad.  

Like Scott Walker's whole career, the video fittingly starts out with a lie.   CGI enhanced snow over beautiful trees full of leaves!  

It is only fitting since he started his Gubernatorial career with a lie also:

Be prepared because lots more flip flopping is on the way! 


  1. What a hokey piece of re-worked drivel.

  2. Is he seriously going to try to play victim here? Does he understand that if you have YouTube, you likely can get the Google?

    Seriously, how far inside of the Bubble do you have to be to buy into this easily-disproven crap? The actions of this budget, WEDC corruption and the attempted hiding of open records show that those who wanted a recall to cut off further damage were 100% CORRECT