Friday, July 10, 2015

Get Ready For Abele's Big Land Giveaway

Last week, I pointed out that one of the many bad things in Motion 999, the omnibus amendment of evil that the Republicans stuck in the state budget, was to give Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele complete control over all land sales involving county-owned properties.

To try to justify this unjustifiable power grab, Abele had his corp counsel head rubber stamp Abele's opinion that this is perfectly legal, if unethical and based on bad government.

And if one did not want to include Abele wanting to give away 30 acres of county-owned land to the Bucks owners for one dollar as a sign of his poor decision making skills, there are other examples of his boneheadedness.

For example, in March of this year, Abele wanted to sell this home in River Hills for $50,000.  The land came into county possession through tax foreclosure:

Per Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb, the land alone has been assessed to be worth $300,000, six times that amount.  Not  only was Abele trying to give this land away, but he failed to even list it on the Multiple Listing System.

Fortunately, Lipscomb is not like Abele and watches out for his constituents and for county taxpayers.  Lipscomb found out about this giveaway and filed a letter of objection:

Due to Lipscomb's objection, Abele's staff had to actually list the property. Per Lipscomb, Abele's staff are not able to keep up with all of the people now expressing interest in the property.

Once Scott Walker signs the budget into law, neither Lipscomb nor any other county supervisor can stop him from making these giveaways to his wealthy friends in order to benefit them, himself and/or his political aspirations.

If you're a Milwaukee County taxpayer and you feel a tugging on your pocket and hear a large sucking sound, it's not your imagination.  It's just Abele, the boy prince, stealing your money to share with his fellow plutocrats.

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