Thursday, July 9, 2015

Walker Gets Bad News Before His Big Announcement

As the gentle reader already knows, Scott "The Weasel" Walker is planning on making the worst kept secret in the world official - he is planning on running for president so he can sell out the entire country.

But even as he is trying to hype himself for the big day, he is getting a lot of bad news.

First, Jeb Bush is beating him to the dark money:
Jeb Bush has announced his first fundraising haul for the election season --$114 million. That's an impressive haul, though there should be some penalty for him raising the bulk of it before he ever declared his candidacy.

The LA Times reports that $103 million of that $114 million Jebbie received was via his SuperPAC, which means none of us will ever know who his donors really are, since the IRS is powerless to regulate these things now.
Just to show how much dark money Jeb is sucking up, look at this chart, via Ezra Klein:

Click on image to embiggen

And to top it off, despite his asinine comments, his buffoonery and very, very bad hair piece, Donald Trump is leading the Republican party with Walker coming in a distant fourth, after Jeb and Rand Paul.

Apparently Walker ain't rich enough or crazy enough for the Republican voters.  And don't even get me going on if he is manly enough.

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