Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Welcome to Wisconsin (Some Opinions Allowed)!

BY Jeff Simpson

 Last week, we brought you the story of how UW-Madison Professor Sara Goldrik-Rab has tweeted a few incoming freshman and asked them to do some research on how Scott Walker's latest budget was impacting their investment in their college education.   

The righties were quick to sick the right wing noise machine on Professor Goldrik-Rab for saying things they did not want to hear.   

Lost amongst the noise of the faux outrage from the right, was UW Economics Professor Noah Williams, who just happens to be an advisor to the Scott Walker for President campaign, writing an op-ed that was published in Forbes Magazine.   The op-ed tells us all about the amazing Wisconsin economy.

Before Governor Scott Walker took office in January of 2011, Wisconsin was seeing high unemployment, stagnating incomes and a high tax burden. Fast-forward four years: The state enjoys strong growth in employment and improvements in living standards through higher after-tax incomes. Thanks to a fiscal policy of reducing tax and regulatory burdens while balancing the budget, Wisconsin now outperforms many of its neighbors.

Which leads me to one question(No it is not what state is Mr. WIlliams actually describing?) but the questions I have is why is it ok for Mr. WIlliams to write an op-ed and share his flawed opinion when its not ok for Professor Goldrik-Rab to share her opinion? Could it be in Wisconsin that the only opinion your allowed to voice is to sing the praises of our absentee Governor?  

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