Sunday, July 26, 2015

Scott Walker Takes Day Off Campaign Trail

BY Jeff Simpson

To campaign on Twitter.  

The official story that he told the major networks, and they ate up, is that he took the day off to attend a funeral.  

Washington (CNN)Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has canceled a weekend campaign trip to North Carolina and New Hampshire in order to attend the funeral of one of the Marines killed in Chattanooga.
The reality is he used his time "off the campaign trail" to let everyone know he was off the campaign trail for a funeral.  I hope that the Holmquist family was kind enough to delay the start time of the funeral until Mr. Walker could contact everyone he wanted to, to let them know he was there.  

Here is his Twitter feed(send me money, sorry for your loss, hey guys look where I am, I love the troops, hey Missouri did you hear I am great?):

  1. Since this is our first trip to Missouri as an official candidate for President, I thought I'd give folks an introduction. -SW
  2. Despite a bit of rain, happy to be in Missouri. March 15th primary will be important! - SW # Walker16
  3. ., & went to Jones County Fair in Iowa today. We love fairs! -SW
  4. . Sorry to miss grabbing some ice cream with you in NH tonight. Important to be at services today. -SW
  5. . Sorry we missed riding motorcycles with you in NH. It was important to be with our Marine family. - SW
  6. Our hearts go out to Jasmine and Wyatt Holmquist. Prayers for the future. - SW
  7. Thx to everyone coming out for family of Marine Sgt. Carson Holmquist in Grantsburg. It was an honor to meet them. -SW
  8. Just a few hours left to grab a free sticker with your book purchase. Don't miss out

Maybe he should have entitled his book - Insincere instead of Unintimidated.