Thursday, July 9, 2015

Devastating Budget Passes Assembly

By Chris Taylor 

Madison – Last night in the State Assembly, Republicans passed a budget that doesn’t reflect the priorities of the people of our state. The 2015-17 budget makes devastating cuts to Wisconsin’s public education system. From a $250 million cut to one of the state’s leading economic engines, the UW System, to the draconian expansion of the private school voucher program at the expense of our public school children; the GOP’s choices in this budget will negatively affect the people of Wisconsin for generations.
“As a member of the Joint Finance Committee, I was honored to have the opportunity to dig into the financial issues that affect our state. I was even willing to work across party lines to do what was best for the people of Wisconsin. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, the Republican majority voted lock step on nearly every major issue, ignoring the values of the people. And when it came to one of the biggest issues affecting the future of Wisconsin, our public education system, Republicans turned their backs on the people to support their wealthy campaign donors and special interests by giving special interests voucher groups the gift of a lifetime with a private school voucher expansion that will permanently drain more money from our public schools. 
“Unfortunately the people of Wisconsin learned that the Republicans cannot be trusted to do the right thing. We’ve received thousands of contacts from people across the state over the last few months begging and pleading for us to listen. Democrats listened, stood up and offered thoughtful alternatives to the Governor’s harmful budget.
“Sadly, Republicans could not stand up to our absentee Governor and now they must take responsibility for this terrible budget. At the end of the day, by supporting this budget, Republicans have declared that the people of this state are not worthy of the best public school system, the best teachers, the best parks, the best jobs or the best health care.”

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