Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kooyenga's Mea Culpa

By Jeff Simpson 

Dale Kooyenga (R-Drives by Milwaukee), voted yes to decimate the Open Records Laws in Wisconsin and now he is sorry.

A Republican lawmaker apologized to voters Monday for his part in passing sweeping changes to the state's open records law that would effectively keep private the state's legislative process, according to the conservative blog RightWisconsin.
Rep. Dale Kooyenga, R-Brookfield, said in an email to his district's constituents that, before voting, he was told the changes would have made Wisconsin's open records law similar to those in other states and that of the U.S. Congress "in order to facilitate more honest dialogue."
"Since the vote this has been found to be inaccurate," he wrote. "I apologize for not recognizing the scope of these changes."
The changes passed by the Joint Finance Committee on Thursday night are expected to be removed from the budget as early as Tuesday, after a swell of backlash from both conservative and liberal government watchdog groups, newspaper editorials and lawmakers from both parties.
Kooyenga said in the email that he offered the explanation "not as an excuse, but as background information relevant to why the budget process should be improved to increase transparency." 
That brings to mind many unanswered questions:

*  Who gave him that faulty information?
* How many other bills has he voted yes on thanks to faulty information?
* Does he understand any of the bills he has voted on?
*  This is his third budget with Republicans having complete control over our Government, why does each one seem to get worse and less transparent?

As Mr. Kooyenga likes to remind us, he "has been to Baghdad", so he is not totally to blame.   He has made a career of blindly following incompetent Republican leadership based on false premises.  


  1. Did he also mention that he's a CPA?

  2. Omg, who ties this man's shoes?

    Dale, why not tell the truth? You voted the way your leadership told you to, consituents be damned.

    You are a coward AND a liar. You're not saving your a$$ with the apology. Talk about transparency. We can see right through this one.

  3. Perhaps our State lawmakers and their staff members need to wear body cameras like the police officers?