Thursday, July 9, 2015

Threats of Getting Bombed At The Capitol!

By Jeff Simpson

If you have not heard by now, The Capitol was closed for a while in the late afternoon thanks to a bomb threat.   This meant this time, the Capitol was evacuated and Mike Huebsch did not even have time to come up with an outrageous estimate of "damage done".

It also meant that it gave the Legislators, time to do what they do best, - Drink.


While this same group of people, who made it illegal to buy Ketchup or Shrimp, when you were buying groceries with food stamps, have no qualms at all about using their 133% raise for taxpayer subsidized per diems to buy alcohol.  They have become the dictionary definition of mind numbing hypocrisy.

Most good public workers, knowing they had a full shift ahead, would not be drinking away in broad daylight, but gerrymandered districts and unbridled arrogance have set that aside.   Plus when you have gotten your marching orders already, there is no real reason to have to think.


We also got a glimpse into second in command Republican Jim Steineke (R- Rap Sheet) and why he had the problems he had growing up.    Mr. Steineke, who has been arrested so many times in his life that one would think that he would probably refrain from drinking.  Again, reality suffers inside the Republican party of Wisconsin and he proudly drinks cheap beer on the job(emphasis mine).

 Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke, R-Kaukauna, reminded him everyone had seen him with the Spotted Cow bottle.
"Just for the record: Miller Lite," Steineke said of his own beverage. "Hashtag 'I Love Milwaukee.'
 Ummmm Jimmy, wasn't this you just a couple weeks ago?

Maybe it was the undiagnosed bipolar disease that caused James to get into so much trouble as a kid. Luckily, Mr. Steineke has Cadillac benefits that he can use to get the help he so badly needs!  

We are all pulling for you Jimmy. 

Finally, Kudos to Joel Kleefisch.  He decided to do the right thing a tnd drink soda.  To be fair though,  Wisconsin's version of Wile E Coyote, Joel "Dynamite" Kleefisch was just happy that there was talk of bombs to make his day.

Explosives were enough to get Joel high, no need to waste the natural buzz by adding alcohol. 

For once in his life, Joel was the smart, responsible one.

Good Job Joel! 

Photos courtesy of Jason Huberty.


  1. Unbelievably petty. One would think the bipartisan display of goodwill would be applauded — yes, Democrats sat down with Republicans — but not by the Hate Left, apparently.

  2. A better headline would be ---- Robin Vos and Assembly Republicans get drunk and spend $73 billion of WI taxpayer dollars.

    If this happened at a school, and teachers went to the bar, you would not stop until you had their scalp. And you know it.

    1. speaking of shrimp...and I don’t mean Blaska’s nether parts...but I wonder if the repubs are aware that farmed raised shrimp are so cheap as to be cheaper than steak...

  3. I hate to admit this, but I'm with Blaska on this one. Petty. And it has no equivalency to teachers.

  4. Calling attention to our public servants drinking on the job is petty? Also...what teachers?

  5. Wouldn't other employers fire their employees for drinking on the clock? Hmm...

  6. Great blog, thanks for sharing the hypocrisy. Boy they sure look terrified given there was just a "bomb" threat.