Saturday, July 11, 2015

Walker's Campaign Stumbles Before It Even Starts

Scott Walker had stated that he wasn't going to officially kick off his presidential bid until the state budget was done. Why he would wait is beyond me, since this is easily the worst budget in state history. Of course, he was planning on the budget being done by the end of May, early June at the latest.

But his budget was so godawful that even his Republican allies couldn't pass it until they got piss drunk. Even then, eleven Republicans in the state assembly went against marching orders and voted against the budget.

Now that they finally passed the budget, Walker planned on signing it Sunday and then making his official campaign announcement on Monday.

But then, in all the excitement, Walker had an incident that seems pretty common among the rabid right wing - he had a premature proclamation on Twitter, announcing his campaign three days ahead of time.

He also released a preview of his logo in instagram:

It didn't take long at all before someone had pointed out that the "E" was a rip off from America's Best, the eyeglass and contact store:

Wouldn't it be great if America's Best sent him a cease and desist letter for infringing on their logo?

Wisconsin blogger blue cheddar saw another problem with Walker's logo and fixed it for him:

Walker might be hoping that this is the only incident of buffoonery that comes from his campaign, but as we in Wisconsin know, and as the nation is quickly figuring out, when it comes to Walker, there is more.

There is always more.

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  1. Walker has no respect for the intellectual property of others. He used John Mellencamp ' s "Small Town" as a campaign song until I alerted his management to it. Apparently he stopped using it soon afterwards. He also tried to use a song by the Dropkick Murphys who didn't mince words telling him in no uncertain terms they despised what Walker start ds for.