Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pro Tip: Don't Drink And Legislate

Jeff Simpson pointed out that during the bomb scare on Thursday, the state legislators went to a nearby bar and partook of adult beverages.  Maybe they were drinking to celebrate their irresponsible budgeting.  More likely, they were drinking heavily to make what they were about to do easier for them.

Either way, as this video of Representative Dale Kooyenga shows, drinking and legislating don't mix:

And is that Representative Joel Kleefisch in the background, picking his nose and eyeing up that table with bad intent?


  1. When he opens his mouth sober, I want to throw a rock at his head. Unicorns and mocking DEMs. Drunk he is obscene.

  2. If you think for a second that these people have the least bit of moral pangs over what they have done you dont understand them. If they could they'd set up an open bar right there in the chamber. Its all a party to them.