Monday, December 31, 2012


I was about to sit down and write about something completely different when I noticed that this here is the 5,000th post for Cog Dis.  How appropriate at the change of the year.

Five thousand posts are not bad for a blog that's only 4 1/2 years old.  That comes to just about three hours a day.

I can't take credit for all of the posts, just most of them. ;)

For the proficiency, I need to thank my co-authors; Jeff Simpson, Meg Moen, Shane, Keith and Bert.  And our family is about to grow as new authors are coming aboard.

And we are well on our way to 1.5 million views.  That is really good for a blog that's not a stand alone one.   And not bad for one with 4.3 regular readers either!

For that, I have to thank you, gentle reader.  Without you, we'd just be whistling into the wind.  You are the ones that make this truly a blog of the people, for the people and by the people.

The last few years have been rough for Wisconsin.  And the next few will probably be no better and most likely, even worse.  But we stood in solidarity and made it this far.  I look forward to continuing to stand in solidarity with the good people of Wisconsin as we continue to fight to take our state back - one fish fry, one voter, one Walkergate conviction, one bad law - at a time.

But again, thank you.

And Happy New Year!

PS: What? You thought you'd get away without the obligatory "please help support Cog Dis" line?  Think again.

All donations are gratefully welcomed.


  1. Thank you for being the inspiration you are! Many of us in the Cheddarsphere view your little slice of server-space as the "gold standard."

    Thank you! Possibly see you next week at the Fish Fry!

    1. Thanks! And you'll see me there if you show up.

  2. Happy New Year and Congratulations Capper. I swing by everyday. If Walker actually comes up with a few more jobs, maybe I can contribute at some point.

  3. Thanks for doing this, Capper!