Saturday, December 22, 2012

Capitol Clean Up Chaos!

In early 2011, when the people of Wisconsin were protesting the tyrannical rule of the Republicans, they made a point of pointing out that the Capitol Building was the People's House.

When the protests were over, Scott Walker and his crew tried to pass along the line that the protesters had caused $7.5 million in damage.

This was obviously just one of the many lies that Walker has told over the years.

But lo and behold, now there has been some real damage done to the Capitol and it's by the privatized cleaning service:
State officials have fired a cleaning company they believe may have damaged or stained marble floors in the Capitol, said Wisconsin Department of Administration spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis.

The damage appears to have occurred when a cleaning solution or other liquid leaked from a floor-scrubbing machine operated by the contractor, Marquis said.

The department has brought in a new contractor. Officials are attempting to determine the cost for repairing the marble and assessing possible legal steps, Marquis said.
There's a couple of things I wish the reporters had asked.

One is how much damage they think was done this time? It must be at least $50 million, right?

Secondly, I would like to know who the new contractor is. The reason for that is that while Walker was Milwaukee County Executive, he pulled one of his underhanded stunts and privatized the cleaning service at the courthouse. The owner of the agency that had "won" the contract was Edward Aprahamian, who had given Walker campaign donations, including $1,000 just as the bidding process was starting.

Given the level of corruption that we've seen from Walker and his staff thus far, I see no reason why this shouldn't be investigated further. It'll be just one more charge they can lay on him when he gets indicted.

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