Thursday, December 13, 2012

Republican Thugs - Fox News

Yesterday we brought you the story of how AFP - Michigan lied about the union members bringing down their curiously placed tent outside the Michigan Capitol.

Today we have more lies from the right, brought to us courtesy of the wonders of videotape.Someday they will understand that with the wonders of videotape, we can point out their perpetual lies....

This from yesterday's Sean Hannity show, "bright conservative mind Steven Crowder"...

Now lets take a break from the heavy editing of Fox news and bring you what happened in the real world!

Yes that is the bright young hands of Fox News superstar Steven Crowder shoving that man to the ground first who then gets up and pummels Crowder. He and Hannity "forgot" to include that part in their video.
Turns out we see who the real thugs are - the right hit squad who will do anything they can to change the debate from the issues to what they pretend is happening on the left!


  1. Where is the part leading up to it? You can clearly hear Crowder telling Tony in the other video as he's getting up and before he starts swinging again "you just assaulted me"! If you listen closely you can hear it in the second one. It amazes me that you can look at a video so closely you can identify whose hands are pushing Tony away from him yet can still claim after numerous videos have surfaced clearly showing union members attacking the tent and cutting it up with knives that the AFP somehow faked it! The second video above even shows at about the 1:40 mark many union garbed individuals pulling the tent down. I don't know what is more pathetic the fact that you're pushing this false narrative while posting video evidence to the contrary or those dumb enough to believe you over their own lying eyes!

  2. Crowder was there to cause trouble.

  3. Who's dumb enough to believe an edited video, in the first place? It's hearsay but this morning on Stephanie Miller a caller reported he saw the Fox Video before it was completely doctored up. In a now-deleted segment, a union guy clearly gets pushed to the ground. Before any tents started coming down.

    Reminds me of this little exchange, from the prank call the guy from the Daily Beast (pretending to be one of the Koch Bros.) played on our own Gov. Wanker:

    Murphy: Right, right. We’ll back you any way we can. But what we were thinking about the crowd was, uh, was planting some troublemakers.

    Walker: You know, well, the only problem with that — because we thought about that. The problem with — my only gut reaction to that would be, right now the lawmakers I’ve talked to....

  4. So by just pure chance Faux entertainment cameras were filming the exact location and individuals who were "assaulted". Yet they completely missed the pepper spraying of other people who supported union rights.

    Right I buy that BS..... NOT!

    The good news is that it is clear to the sane members of the republican party that they have for years been lied to by RW media outlets and RW talking heads. They have been told lies that HAVE NOT advanced their political agendas.

    Want to hear it from republicans start here:

    READ the e-book version here:

    So in my mind I hope Faux continues to talk to the morons. The results will be the same. Republicans will fail to win elections on the national level. Gerrymander districts will only work for a short time.

    Sooner or later even the dumb, dumber and dumbest voter will see through the lies and know that they have been lied to.

    By then the demographics will have shifted and women, young voters, and non-white men will out number old white men at the polls. That added to the the republican voters who have seen the light and the republican party will continue to be the 2nd place winners.

  5. Wow anonymous that's the equivalent of saying she was asking for it for being there after a girl gets raped. A guy said on a show? That's about as credible as my brothers friends cousin told me. Wow so a few of those being attacked thought to get it on video that's amazing. What was there 13,000 union guys there? No one thought to get this frame up on video themselves? I'm not saying Crowder might not have push Tony away and he fell. He may also have fallen over a tent line on his own. I don't know as you don't see it. I'm saying it was well after the tent was being attacked and the guy pushed up on or assaulted Crowder for trying to stop it. Here is another video of the events.
    It's very shaky at times, fear will do that to you, but it shows that it is unedited. It will also show the tent being attacked and while trying to stop them you see Tony getting in his face and telling him "don't touch nobody" "that's right you f*ckin rats came up here" To speculate that somehow Crowder set this up, instigated or deserved this is pathetic. What about the hot dog vendor who had his equipment smashed while being called n#gger and uncle tom for taking a contract to serve food to those in the tent. Did he deserve that? Was he asking for it?


    1. You are lying. You would think you would come up with something better. Can you really be such a poor judge of character?

  6. DrewEtc.

    You're free to believe what you want, but this is looking more and more like a staged event. With video "evidence" that was fabricated....


    Crowder’s video “actually a composite of things that happened over the course of the day, many of them hours apart.”

  7. Crowder the chowderhead admits to pushing the union fellow.

    And look! A wild NRA guy appears! The same one witnesses observed sabotaging their own tent.

    Oopsie! I just hate it when reality strikes.

  8. What exactly am I lying about!?! How exactly do you stage mob violence? Yes he admits to trying to stop them from attacking! Was he supposed to just let them do whatever they want? I'm sure there was more than one guy with an NRA hat what does that video prove other than once again the union members aren't even civil enough to let an interview go on for more than 30 seconds. How do you watch the actions of that mob and justify it in any way? If those were tea party members you, msnbc and the mainstream media would be having a field day but because you side with the anti freedom unions you are trying to find fault with the victims. I'm sure you thought the occupation of the Capitol here in WI was a peaceful protest also. The fact that you can watch multiple videos of disgusting behavior and only look for how one of the victims might have contributed or escalated it says volumes about your own character.

  9. Further readings on this strange event

    interesting info from the TPM comments section:
    Annie Patnaude, the name is so singular that I decided to google it and find out more about her.
    Her Linked In profile includes this proud boast:
    "Media relations, event coordination, writing and
    editing, creative public relations, op-ed placement, media pitchwork,
    news release and commentary writing, grassroots mobilization tactics,
    guerrilla public relations tactics"

    "Guerrilla public relations tactics"?"

  10. "Breaking news: FNC Contributor Steven Crowder assaulted at pro-union rally in MI"

    Unbelievably, Fox News, in this line is telling the truth: Steven Crowder really assaulted someone at the pro-union rally.

    A shame they didn't intend to tell the truth here.

  11. What is a shame is that despite video evidence to the contrary you keep following the whole accuse the accuser tactic stating that he either deserved to be assaulted or somehow instigated it. Again kinda the "she should have known better than to go drinking alone in a slutty outfit" rational. Here is a frame by frame accounting that shows Crowders back was turned when Tony fell.

    Here is another video from an hour earlier. At about the 3:00 mark Mr. Crowder was clearly antagonizing him by asking him to stop hitting with his sign!

    1. Wrong Drew, if you watch the unedited video it's absolutely clear that Crowder pushed the union guy first.

    2. I am absolutely amazed that the grassroots AFP has so many camera angles for this and all were up and ready to go at that exact second.....

      Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm

      by the way your brilliant Dana Loesch just blocked me on the courage!