Friday, December 28, 2012

The Real World Intervenes!

After the shootings in Sandy Hook, we know the right wing was in a tizzy to stop any kind of sensible gun regulations whatsoever.   Paid Hacks like Wiggy wrote pure NRA apologist drivel, then his less well paid echo chamber cheerleaders at Boots and Sabers threw him a big thumbs up! 

Wiggy was so ahead of the curve that he made(lame attempts at) jokes about the killings! 

While I get that these guys need to make a living, and they are immensely unqualified to do anything else, the problem with the right wing talking points, is always - reality.  In this case, more so than normal!

Veronique Pozner, the mother of the youngest victim of Sandy Hook Elementary spoke up about her son:

 The family placed stuffed animals, a blanket and letters to Noah into the casket. Lastly, Veronique put a clear plastic rock with a white angel inside — an “angel stone” — in his right hand. She asked the funeral director to place an identical one in his left, which was badly mangled. Noah’s famously long eyelashes, which she spoke about in her eulogy, rested lightly on his cheeks and a cloth covered the place where his lower jaw had been.

I wonder if James Wigderson would like to discuss with  Ms. Pozner how "doing something worse than nothing".

 Please tell me again about your rights to own guns and what the Founders felt.  

As a father of 6 year old, I can not begin to imagine the pain and grief that the Pozner family feel.  I can however share the disgust and contempt  for the people who write such BS as Wiggy and Owen(and many others) did, and put protecting their own self interests over those of the rest of America.  Especially when it effects our children and before we can even properly bury them!   All for the temporary approval of some powers that be, that hold the purse strings!

RIP Noah Pozner! 


  1. So, Jeff, you tell us what you would have done to prevent the shooting.
    Tell us, oh smart one, what you would have done to prevent the murder of the kids.
    It's nice to rant and rave, but it's another to offer solutions that make sense.
    So, tell us Jeff what you would have done to 100% guarantee that the killing would not have happened, otherwise, just shut the hell up.

    1. What's the matter, Dan? Tough day at Walmart? So, in your peabrain, if Jeff can't cure all the problems you conservatives have caused, he has no right to an opinion.

      Thanks for showing us that you're not only a fascist, but a hypocritical one, since you don't offer one solution either.