Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is It Still Still Too Soon?

On Friday, after the horrific event in Newton, Connecticut, conservatives started up with their mantra that it's too soon to talk about preventing any further living nightmares.  They said that even though it was too late for the innocent children and heroic teachers at Sandy Nook Elementary School.

Saturday morning, a gunman terrorized a hospital in Alabama.  And still it was too soon, according to the conservatives.

Now, again on Saturday, police arrested another man who threatened to kill his wife and shoot up the local elementary school:
Police on Saturday seized 47 guns and ammunition from the home of a northwest Indiana man who a day earlier had threatened to set his wife on fire after she fell asleep and kill as many people as he could at a nearby elementary school, investigators said.

Von Meyer, 60, of the 9300 block of West 133rd Avenue was arrested Saturday on felony charges of intimidation and misdemeanor charges of domestic battery and resisting law enforcement.
What is it going to take to get people to wake up and see that it's not time, but way beyond time, to have an adult discussion, and more importantly, take responsible actions, to restore sanity to this country? How many more children have to die? Or won't they wake up until it's one of their own loved ones who are killed?

And then it will still be too late. Way too late.


  1. Looks like somebody threatened the noon mass crowd at their Catholic Church also. St. Rose of Lima.

  2. While I understand the fascination, sympathy, etc. and the wanting the news about this, it seems to me that the poor town is overrun with the press. So, as well as the violence, and the investigation going on, they have to face an invasion of the press.

  3. Let's face it: Guns *are* the GOteaP's religion.

  4. I don't like guns, but they are not the problem-people are. Why isn't law enforcement doing something bout these people. Almost all of them have had issues before they did what they did.