Sunday, December 30, 2012

Walkergate: Kelly Rindfleisch - Trendsetter

As the gentle reader already knows, Kelly Rindfleisch took a plea deal for her role in Walkergate, in which she was spending at least half her time as a Milwaukee County employee working for the campaigns of Scott Walker and Brett Davis.

Even though she got a sweetheart of a deal for her guilty plea, and even though Walker and WISGOP were funding her legal defense, and even though there is a mountain of evidence against her, she is still in the process of appealing the conviction.

Oddly enough, that seems to be a trend now.  Even though the crimes committed by Walter Ellis are much more violent and abhorrent, he wants to do the same thing as Rindfleisch:
Walter Ellis pleaded no contest last year to charges of first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. In a recent filing to the state's high court, defense attorney Richard Hart said Ellis only pleaded no contest because he didn't think he'd be able to get a fair trial.

Ellis had asked for a change of venue, citing the national publicity his case drew. He also wanted the cases to be tried separately, saying jurors might use evidence in one case to draw inferences in the other cases. The trial court judge denied both requests, and a court of appeals agreed with the judge's logic.

Hart has now filed one last appeal, this time with the state Supreme Court. The justices will decide in the next few weeks whether to take the case.
Even Ellis' attorney admits it's a long shot for this to go anywhere.

But can the same thing be said for Rindfleisch?

Given the corrupt natures of David Prosser, Annette Ziegler, Michael Gableman and Patience Roggensack, one cannot be too sure. Especially with very interested special interests supporting them in each of their elections, including Roggensack's race this spring.

 It's very conceivable that they will again listen to their masters instead of paying heed to the facts of the case and the law, like they did with Act 10, and summarily overturn Rindfleisch's conviction.


  1. Since when can you appeal the conviction if you accepted a plea deal? If you signed the plea deal, aren't you duty bound to honor your signature? Fitzwalkerstan has become backwards world where everything that makes sense, no longer makes sense any more.

    The state's gone nuts.

  2. The "conservative" women on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin have gone nuts when they protect a male on the bench who abuses women on multiple ocassions!

  3. New Rule: If you appeal a Plea Bargain, all sentencing agreements are nullified. Throw the book at them!