Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Ultimate Solidarity Fish Fry - Help Two Unions At The Same Time

Milwaukee is an union town and Wisconsin is still a union state.  We have a long, proud tradition dating back to the Bay View Massacre, of fiercely defending our workers rights.

In that spirit, as the gentle eater knows, we've been supporting Local 122, the union members working at Serb Hall for ten weeks now.

Management at Serb Hall is doing every dirty deed that they can think of in an effort to bust the union there.

In response, we've been going there every Friday and enjoying a fish fry, but making sure that we have a union server, and then leaving a big tip.

But sadly, the members  of Local 122 aren't the only ones who are having their rights as workers threatened, if not outright denied to them.

The workers at Palermo's Pizza has been trying to unionize for a long time.  They went on strike six months ago because they were working in unsafe conditions and because management there was actively interfering with their right to unionize.  Management has gone so far as to the point of illegally firing workers who supported the strike and the unionization effort.

I am proud to announce that the gentle reader has the chance to help both groups at the same time by supporting the ultimate Solidarity Fish Fry, which is to be held on Friday, December 21.

We want to treat the Palermo workers to a fish fry.

By donating to the Palermo Workers Union Fund, you can help send a Palermo worker to Serb Hall for a fish fry.  This way you can give a Palermo worker a good meal and still support the Serb Hall workers with the same money.

That's what make it the Ultimate Solidarity Fish Fry.  You can help two unions at the same time as they support each other and we support both of them.

After the fish fry, any left over proceeds will be used to help the Palermo workers through their general fund.

Because the Ultimate Solidarity Fish Fry is in just a week, please donate today and donate generously.

And as a note to my fellow bloggers and media types, or anyone who is interested in hearing the truth, there will be a translator on hand.  The Palermo workers have said that they are more than willing to talk about their situation and of their support for the Serb Hall workers.

Don't forget to give today to support our brothers and sisters.

And if you happen to go to Serb Hall, tell  them Cog Dis sent ya!

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