Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gratitude To Grass Roots South Shore

I just wanted to give a shout out of thanks to the good folks at Grass Roots South Shore (now added to the blog roll).

They gave me the VIP treatment (complete with cookies!), as we discussed Walkergate and what's ahead for that.

I was also able to give a plug for the Solidarity Fish Fry and the great women and men at Serb Hall who are fighting for their rights.

We also talked about the importance of the upcoming race for the Supreme Court and why it's so vital that we restore dignity and integrity to the highest court in the state by electing Edward Fallone.   Speaking of which, if anyone hasn't signed his nomination papers yet, or if you want to help collect signatures, let me know and I'll get you a copy.

We also discussed the need to focus on local races as well as the bigger ones.  That allowed me to give a plug for Zach Wisniewski, who is running for alderman in Cudahy.

All in all, it was a very pleasant evening and I thank the group again for it.


  1. Chris, I know you and I haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but I want you to know I appreciate the work you've done to keep fighting the good fight. I wish I could have attended the GRSS meeting to talk to folks about why I'm running for office, but unfortunately some family issues got in the way. Thanks for plugging my candidacy though....I really appreciate it.

  2. Zak
    We missed you on Wednesday but I'm sure youll get plenty of campaign support from us. Id like hear your plans for Cudahy.

    Jim Balk

    1. Jim, I'm looking forward to attending the next meeting to share my plans with you all.