Friday, December 14, 2012

The Stress Must Be Getting To Walker

Poor old Scott Walker. The stress of knowing that his agenda is simply not working and knowing that he will be indicted but not when is taking its toll on him.

You can see it in his weekly radio address in which he discussed his "Talk with Walker" tour:
As we continue our work on the next state budget, I’ve been meeting with people throughout the state about what is important to you, and how to reach our goals.

At these events we’ve held in places including La Crosse, Green Bay and Madison, I laid out my top priorities – creating jobs, developing our workforce, investing infrastructure, transforming education and reforming government.

The input we have received so far has been great. People offered input and suggestions, voiced concerns and asked questions on topics ranging from health care to education.

What I’ve heard so far is that people want a government that operates on common sense. You want lower taxes and less waste. You want clean air and water, and reasonable regulations for business.

You told me you want an unemployment system that helps people move on and move up.

We talked about the need for more good-paying jobs, and I heard support for investment options for businesses and environmentally sound mining.

You told me you want an education system that allows you to get credit for the skills and the knowledge that you have. We talked about ways to promote manufacturing to the younger generation.

This is a great start. We have more Talk With Walker events planned and I look forward to gathering more information as lay out the financial plan to move Wisconsin forward.
I'm not referring to the poor grammar when I say that Walker is showing signs of stress. He's never had a strong command of the English language.*

What I am referring to his the apparent psychotic break with reality he has had. He hasn't talked with anyone. He's only spoken to captured audiences:
Gov. Scott Walker kicked off his statewide Talk with Walker tour earlier this week, announcing plans to travel the state talking with Wisconsinites about their priorities and ideas.

But can just anybody show up at one of the tour stops to talk with the governor?

When asked that, Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said, "The Talk with Walker tour is aimed at getting open and honest input from citizens all across Wisconsin. Unlike legislative listening sessions, or other types of typical government events, which are largely dominated by special interest groups, Governor Walker thought it would be valuable to talk directly to workers at small businesses."

Translation: No, random members of the public cannot attend the Talk with Walker tour stops.

Walker has said he would incorporate ideas that he hears from Wisconsinites on the tour into his legislative agenda and upcoming budget. At least those Wisconsinites who can actually talk with him.
But just like his Harley Davidson tours of the state as Milwaukee County Executive, this is a thinly disguised political stunt.

Walker is trying to get three things out of this tour of his:
  • Plausible justification for the crap he's going to rain down on us. ("On my tour, people told me that they just had too many rights and they wanted me to take some of them away.")
  • To hit up wealth CEOs and lobbyists for some much needed donations to his legal defense fund.
  • To stay as far away from Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm for as long as he possibly can.

If you would like to speak with Walker, Friday morning he will be at a private voucher school here in Milwaukee:

Location: Saint Anthony Schools
Keyser Hall
1730 South 9th Street
Milwaukee, WI

Time: 8:00AM – 9:00AM
You can try to go to speak with him, but don't expect to be let in the door.

We're not the type of folks that he wants to hear from.

*Which shows the importance of staying in school, kids! IF you don't stay in school and learn your lessons, you too might end up being a national embarrassment.


  1. Please be polite if you do go, this is a school.
    They aren't going to let anyone in who isn't a parent, I wouldn't think.

  2. There won't be children there.

  3. Huh, an event at a (taxpayer-funded) voucher school. I'm sure this propaganda photo-op won't be used as some kind of 'personal example' in the State of the State address to try to throw more money to the voucher lobby in the upcoming budget, would it?

    C'mon media. Call this failed ridiculousness out.

  4. I'm beginning to think that citizens "being polite" is what the radical right-wingers are counting on, so they can continue their destruction of the state.

  5. By "people" he means hand-picked corporate donors. This is how the event went down in Madison:

  6. This piece is dead-on. It seems the Eau Claire Leader Telegram unfailingly reports, "Governor Walker MEETS with (insert small business name here) management and employees" (note past tense).

    Not to absolve the Leader Telegram of partisanship - there's no shortage of that there, and I'm sure their editorial board is compliant in sitting on any foreknowledge they might inadvertantly have of Scotty Boy's upcoming gigs. Moreover, I think it's standard operating procedure for the Walker Administration to not broadcast the little weasel's appearances. And I'll bet the management and employees of the featured firms are even sworn to secrecy before the fact.

  7. This photo-op could be seen as a violation of the Constitution's Establishment clause