Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Caption

From Facebook and our friend Keith Gilkes: 

You know the good friend of Scott Walkers, who was advising anyone and everyone to destroy any evidence that would make Scott Walker look bad after the O'Donnell Park Accident. 

Remember that when Gilkes was Walker's Chief of Staff, he had lobbyists contacting him via his consultancy group's email address instead of through official channels. It would seem that there were trying to circumvent the open records laws in order to put the strong arm on people and companies wanting things from the Governor, such as Gogebic Taconite.

Gilkes also went on with the claim that the large amount of contact between the campaign and the county staff was just routine type of stuff.

For some reason, I don't see the advocacy of destruction of legal documents as being routine:

Gilkes, in an email written the day of the accident, advised Walker's county staff to "make sure there is not a piece of paper anywhere that details any problem at all." News organizations and lawyers representing victims and others filed numerous open record requests after the O'Donnell Park accident for inspection reports and other documents on its construction.
Then again, maybe destruction of documents is normal...for Republicans. I wonder how much they spend on paper shredders each year.

It should be noted that Gilkes was recently engaged, so that might give him some incentive to stay out of prison.

The same  Keith Gilkes who recently walked out of a press conference so he did not have to incriminate himself!    

Sorry Keith you have not been very good this, and Santa has been watching!   

Now that we know who our friend Keith Gilkes is - Caption Away!

Peace, Love and Joy to all - unless you have documents that make Scott Walker look bad then destroy them!   


  1. Where did that note to Scooter - I mean, Santa -- go? You shredded that too?????

  2. I'd say that his plea bargain squealing on Walker would be rather memorable and something I'd want to share.

  3. Looking forward to sharing many memories with you in 2013 like Keith going to jail.

  4. That Gilkes would have lobbyists contact him through his consultancy group email gives the appearance that he might have been doing personal business on state time--taking a slice of the action, as it were. A thorough examination of his business records may be in order, and then there are all those lobbyists. How will they all keep their stories straight?

    Do we really believe that Gilkes ordered the destruction of public documents on his own initiative? Destroying public records is a crime in and of itself, but if it is done in order to subvert the course of justice, then the perps may be looking at lawsuits from the victims' families. Milwaukee County taxpayers may have to pony-up as well for that one last act of malfeasance by Walker.

    Governor Jailbait is up to his nipple clips in every aspect of these scandals. 2013 should be a memorable year.

  5. Open your wallets. Obama is coming ...

  6. Back to your bridge, you evil troll! You have no powers here!