Monday, December 17, 2012

The WMC Burlesque Show

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) has become a parody of itself!   As Capper pointed out, Scott Walker, who promised 250,000 new jobs under his tenure, has done even worse than politifact said he has done(and their number wasn't pretty)

Their number of jobs created in over two years of being Governor is 25,411 private sector job, which is an incredibly dismal job record.   However Capper makes a strong case that in the end he has a net loss of jobs under his tenure.   However you look at it, 225,000- 250,000 new jobs in WI in the next two years seems like a pipe dream.  Especially when you never show up to work

Enter WMC, whose bills itself as "Wisconsin's leading business advocacy organization".  You would think that such an incredibly dismal jobs record in WI for the last two years would raise their dander and they would demand change.  After all what businessman does not want people working so they can buy his products? 

Of course when it comes to WMC, you would find a group of business people who put party over business and onoy care about electing republicans, no matter the cost!  

So instead of demanding we stop the crazy social agenda and start focusing on improving our economy and creating jobs, they instead decide to give an "award" to fare right fringe assemblyman Steve nASS!  Then to add partisan insult to Wisconsin's injury, the award they gave him was for "job creation votes"!

Ummm guys......

What's next for nASS?  Focus on the Family giving him a father of the year award?  


  1. It might be useful to look at this from the standpoint of what WMC exists to do. Jobs are not their business. Profit is their business. The more people working in their member's factories and stores, the higher the overhead and the less the profits. Their reason for being is to employ the least amount of people necessary, not the most.

  2. Then they should be handing out "increasing our profits" awards not "job creation votes" awards!

    1. They define them as the same, which is of course, a complete beard.

  3. Increasing profits is right. Increasing profits by TAKING freebie loans and grants of MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars...adding those dollars right to their bottom line profits...then NOT repaying Wisconsin taxpayers. WEDC and WMC are jokes. Worthless entities that steal taxpayer money and DO NOT CREATE JOBS. Legalized theft of taxpayer money thanks to Gov Scott Walker.