Monday, December 31, 2012

Vos Gives "Cheater's Proof" A Whole New Meaning

Robin Vos continues to show that the only time he had a good head on his shoulders was when he had a beer dumped on him.

A few days ago, Vos wrote an editorial about the results of November's election, which the corporate media giant, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, gladly reproduced unquestioningly.  Why should they?  After all, if they're willing to stand by Christian Schneider even when he gets caught in bold faced fabrications, surely there is nothing that is beyond their lack of integrity.

Vos is trying to convince he readers that the election results somehow had nothing to do with the gerrymandering that they did behind closed doors and with political operatives involved in the process.

Vos writes:
Unfortunately, rather than do any soul-searching and examine why their message was rejected by voters, Democrats have tried to shift the narrative. We're now told that Assembly Democrats really "won" the November elections by virtue of having collected more total votes in all 99 races. Democrats then argue that Assembly Republicans only achieved their majority through redistricting. Despite losing fair elections that aren't in dispute, and despite facing a 60-39 GOP majority in January, Assembly Democrats say they have the "real" election mandate.

Simply put, their argument is absurd. This is like arguing that if the Green Bay Packers ended the season with a losing record but scored more points than their opponents cumulatively, it would equate to a successful year. If a coach tried to make this argument, he probably would be fired.
The only ways the Packers would be able to score more cumulative points is if they had all their points in one or two games and lost the rest 3-0 - which is as unlikely as Vos having a healthy relationship with someone - or that someone was monkeying with the system.

But Vos wasn't done:
One of many examples of the ticket-splitting phenomenon is the 51st Assembly District in southwestern Wisconsin. Romney captured less than 40% of the vote in this district represented by Rep. Howard Marklein (R-Spring Green). Despite being a top target of the Democrats in this past election, Marklein won with 51.9% of the vote, a 12-point swing from the presidential race.

Campaign messaging was important in this race as well. Like our candidates throughout the state, Marklein touted a forward-looking agenda committed to job creation and cutting waste, fraud and abuse in government. Conversely, his opponent ran a campaign mired in the past, focusing on divisive issues and failing to articulate a vision for Wisconsin.

Voters spoke clearly in November. They want the Legislature to work to create jobs and rein in wasteful spending, and they cast their votes decisively with Assembly Republicans to get that done. Assembly Democrats can either continue with their sour grapes or work with Assembly Republicans to strengthen Wisconsin.
Well, that's a bigger load of poppycock than the first section.

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Tommy Thompson were all echoing the party lines that the state Republicans were chanting, but they got their arses handed to them. So the messaging had very little to do with it. In fact, one could say that the message was soundly rejected because they lost.

Further proof of this is the fact that when one breaks down the numbers, the only reason Ryan was even able to hang on to his congressional seat was because of the gerrymandering. Even his hometown rejected Ryan and his message. The only thing that saved him was the fact that the Republicans, through their unethical and illegal gerrymandering, had given him a large chunk of Walkersha County.

The clincher that Vos is deranged is his comment regarding creating jobs and reining in wasteful spending. Given the crappy job numbers, the stagnant state economy and the laundry list of scandalous waste of taxpayer dollars - such as WEDC - their plan is most definitely not working.

It would be morally and ethically wrong, not to mention a sign of mental instability, for anyone who had the best interests of Wisconsin in mind to even come close to endorsing the Republican agenda of fascist tyranny.

What Vos is trying to do is justify the giant crap sammich that they have in store for the state and its people during the next legislative session.  But if Vos thinks that we will passively allow them to just shove their garbage down our throats, he is even sicker than I thought.


  1. You refer to "illegal" redistricting -- and in a lawsuit, emails were withheld despite a judges order to release them.

    Since then (last fall), story has gone dark -- is anyone filing lawsuits still?

    Is there any hope that the secret process being used will get more scrutiny?

    I think I know the answer to this last one -- any chance it gets overturned?

  2. On an interesting note, Vos spent $1,900,000 to gerrymander redistricting so that Republicans fell into "safe" Republican districts. Didn't work quite so well for him! Despite redistricting his own geographic area, Vos actually LOST 7% more of the vote compared to 2010. If he keeps this up, he's gonna lose another 8% in 2014 at which time I hope Kelley Albrecht runs again so that we can kick his ass to the curb (just like his wife).

  3. The point of gerrymandering was to concentrate democratic voters (they now win by much larger margins) while creating more slightly less Republican districts. With gerrymandering, we now have more Republican districts, fewer Democratic ones. I bet Republicans don't even bother to run candidates in Dem districts.

  4. Anon - RE: your comment @ 9:25am. I'm certain that you meant to say "wives" (as in multiple) at the end of that comment didn't you? Just wondering.

  5. I wonder what Vos considers to be "waste" in government. Probably programs that many citizens would deem vital.