Wednesday, December 12, 2012

AFP Cries "WOLF" (again)!

We know that Americans for Prosperity likes to celebrate, when the majority of American people are feeling pain.    They also(like all of our friends on the right) love to play the victim.  

We all know the mess that's happening in Michigan at the moment as a lame duck legislature has to ram through right-to-work(for less) legislation quickly before the new Legislature comes in and they no longer have the votes to pass it..  

Well AFP has on their website how upset they would be if Congress tried to pass something major in their lame duck session

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has released an entertaining computer game called Lame Duck Hunt based on the old-school Nintendo ‘Duck Hunt’ game to inform the public about the bad economic policies retiring and defeated members of Congress could push through in December, the final month of the 112th Congress.

Yet a bunch of right wing extremist republicans, who were voted out already, have decided to use the lame duck Michigan legislature to ram through Right to Work for less legislation IN an hour and half discussion.    Of course if this was a bill that actually helped the people of MI, AFP would be besides themselves upset, instead they celebrate.    This bill brought such incredibly anti democratic thug tactics to the  Michigan Capitol as

 This is how republicans ram through bills in America these days(h/t Randy Bryce for the pic). 

To be fair, its not like the Michigan republican party knew what they were passing as they certainly did not write the bill.   If they were not smart enough to write the bill themselves, I doubt they were smart enough to actually read and comprehend it. 

All of this politics going on that would make Fidel Castro and Joseph Stalin proud also appeals to Americans for Prosperity so much they set up tents to party!   The problem is they did not use Union Labor to put them up correctly. 

Luckily, most people who are paying attention, know that when the republicans cry wolf, there is usually not a wolf in sight!  Thanks to Capper for this catch!

When you have an organization run by someone as vile as Tim Phillips, what would you expect I guess.  Americans for Prosperity/Freedomworks has become so extreme it has even chased far right ex horrible congressman Dick Armey away

Unfortunately in Wisconsin we are used to these tactics, as they will use their own kids as pawns to score political points.  We also know that the republican minority,  has "right-to-work" (for less) legislation ready to go here.   

Now we will see if the Wisconsin republican minority in the legislature wants to "out right wing", or if they will slow their take down the Wisconsin middle class agenda.  

Capper has much more detail here!


  1. I don't know why AFP put a tent up near the capitol in Lansing with this kind of vote going on. It just seems like a bad idea. It would have been akin to Robin Vos setting up a popcorn stand during the ACT 10 protests earlier in 2011.

    1. I am sure Vos is kicking himself for not doing so right now!

  2. I've got an idea why AFP put up that tent.... to show the little people who is going to be doling out the pennies in the future....

  3. No AFP didn't need a tent in WI. They had offices across the street from the Capitol.

  4. They have no sense of propriety.

  5. Which of the individuals in this video is the AFP/NRA guy? because I can't find him in the crowd pulling down then cutting up the "SCAB BUILT TENT"! Hey anonymous why shouldn't AFP have a tent there? Are you saying only one side of an argument should be represented? Are you using the whole well she should have known she'd get raped argument? Is your free speech rights directly proportionate to the number of those represented by the opposing view?

    1. No only when someones lie is so blatant! Again watch the video I posted and tell me at what minute mark you see the fictional AFP/NRA man.

  6. Nope Anon is saying why in the world would they have such a big tent on public land like that? Do the unions have tents up?

    I also find it interesting that they had so many cameras just on the right angles to catch things but not catch everything....

    Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM

  7. Maybe they reserved and paid for the spot because they had an interest in the vote also. I guess the unions should have had the forethought to reserve spots for their tents.