Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Walkergate: Do Tell

Ah yes, the tell.

When people are lying or trying to conceal something, there is a thing call "the tell," which is a change in behavior which is a dead giveaway that they are indeed lying or trying to hide something.

Two recent reports regarding Walkergate reveal the tell of some of the participants.

One person is Keith Gilkes, Scott Walker's former campaign manager and former Chief of Staff. Gilkes, as the gentle reader might recall, claimed that he was cooperating with the DA's Office's investigation into Walkergate.

One of Gilkes' defenses is that he claimed that his contact with Walker's county staff was routine and simple logistics as far scheduling events and whatnot, which we know to be a complete fabrication.

Lisa Kaiser, reporting for the Shepherd Express, reveals a tell by Gilkes, further implicating himself and increasing the likelihood that his name will be as well known as Tim Russell's or Kelly Rindfleisch's:
Landgraf’s emails also showed that Gilkes, working for the campaign, edited an op-ed column allegedly authored by Geri Lyday, who took over the county’s health and human services department after serious safety issues were found at the mental health complex in 2010.

“Call me with questions” about the edits, he emailed Rindfleisch on Aug. 26, 2010.

It appears that the Gilkes-vetted op-ed was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Aug. 28, 2010.

Last week, however, when confronted by the Shepherd, Gilkes said, “We [the campaign] weren’t involved with any official county duties.”

The Shepherd then asked him about the emails released by Landgraf in court.

“You’ve seen pieces of elements of emails,” Gilkes said, then explained that he couldn’t discuss the contents because of the secret nature of the John Doe investigation.
Notice how he clammed up, just like he did when he was asked about a secret router in the Capitol Building?

But as easy as it was to spot Gilkes' tell, Scott Walker's tell is even easier to pick up in this video found by Jud Lounsbury. See if you can spot the tell:

Did you spot the tell?

Walker's voice was cracking more than a teenage boy going through puberty.

Another tell is the way that Walker has changed his tune, starting to throw his former aides, advisors and best friends under the bus.  That's a lot different than this:

"Anything that happens in the county, the buck stops with me."

Do tell.  As in, do tell it to the John Doe judge.


  1. The other thing he does sometimes, when he gets a question he doesn't like, he leans forward and bobs his head up and down.

  2. Hey Capper,

    Can you ask some people who are at the Capital to pull out their smart phones and check for available WiFi networks in the building? They may be able to block access to the network, but they can't hide it's existence from your phone.

    Write down all the networks and start looking for the owners. Start asking staffers about them and see which ones make them nervous.


    1. You can turn SSID broadcast off, that will make sure you can't see it from your basic phone/computer.

      However, you can get software like AirSnort that will show all networks, even if the SSID is hidden (it may show up as "unknown" but should show the MAC address and signal strength. Heck, somebody with that app on their phone could just walk the building looking for strong signals and there ya' go.

    2. Actually, now that I think about it. The odds that Walker's folks are still using Wifi routers and whatnot are probably pretty low. If anything, they're using their campaign paid for (or personal) cell phones tethered to their personal or campaign laptops (or just using Air cards). That completely shields them from having to install any actual infrastructure.

      If I were investigating the situation, I'd ask for campaign and personal wireless subscription bills to see when communications from those devices is taking place. You could also use a spectrum analyzer to monitor when different devices are being used. You could plan an antenna in Walker's office and see when he's using a transmitter. If those signals don't correlate with his work cell, then he's using something else.

      Easy peasy.

    3. Awhile back somebody, possibly the redistricting judges, I can't remember who, but somebody did request all communications, no matter how they were transmitted. I think. Maybe just all emails.

  3. And he lied about job creation. Here's your next post. In two short years the "open for business" governor has turned Wisconsin into one of the top ten worst states for business, so says Forbes magazine.

  4. So, when RJ Johnson goes down as John Doe and Walker continues to walk the state without a stain on his official record, what will your next hobby become?

    1. Your delusions must keep you entertained for hours on end. Walker is already stained. It's not a question of if, only when.

    2. Here's a stain. I'll just leave this here for you, Cindy.

  5. How in the world can you say "without a stain on his official record" Have you been paying attention?