Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twenty Questions for the Kedzies!

We ll know the story of Senator Kedzie's son getting beat up for having a Romney/Ryan sign in his yard!  How could we not really, since Senator Neal Kedzie was announcing it to anyone who would listen! 

Heck the good Senator Kedzie even coordinated with the Romney Campaign to make sure everyone knew how dangerous liberals could be. 

The problem with the whole story, besides the fact that Senator Kedzie saw his injured son as a political prop, is that the story just was not true! 

Here is the Whitewater Police Report:

WOW does that leave us open to some questions!  

1.  Has Paul Ryan called since to check and see how Sean is?

2.  Why did the Whitewater police never take the political motivation serious?

3.  Why would Sean kedzie drop the case after being beaten up so badly?

4.  Since Sean dropped the case on 12/4 and it is 12/11 where is the press release from Senator Kedzie saying that the case was dropped?

5.  Where is the apology to the liberals of WI for being falsely accused?

6.  Where is the public apology to Max Hey, who is innocent?

7.  Why was Max Hey the first "Max" that came up when he typed his name into facebook?  When you type a name into facebook the names that you are using the most, come up first!  

8.  Why was Kedzie adamant that Max Hey was the one, when there was no evidence and he admitted to not seeing the person who did it?

9.  Why was Kedzie stalking Max Hey at his job?

10.  Are there any similarities between Sean Kedzie and Kyle Wood?

11.  Will anyone on the right issue a retraction

12.  Seriously will they

13.   Who gave Sean his haircut and shave?  why

14.  Has Sean pissed people off on campus? 

15.  Had Sean been drinking?

16.  Why would someone who "cracked the case" on facebook, suddenly disappear from facebook?

17.  What was in it for Senator Kedzie?

18.  What was in it for Sean Kedzie?

19.  In the end between wasted police investigations, and sneding out press releases on the taxpayer dime, how much did the Kedzie family cost the taxpayers?

20.  What the hell happened?


  1. "Why was Max Hey the first "Max" that came up when he typed his name into facebook?"

    For the heck of it, I typed a couple first names into Facebook, and at least once the people that popped up were 'friends in common' with some of my Facebook friends. So if Kedzie is Facebook friends with people who are in turn Facebook friends with Hey, Hey coming up would make sense. In a college town like Whaitewater, that would certainly be possible.

  2. That is a possibility, there is also a possibility that he was lying and there is also a possibility that he had a reason to falsely accuse max hey.....

    as Max hey pointed out there are numerous other "max's" on facebook....

  3. So there were witnesses, but none of them heard any politically-charged words, and none of them heard "Max". Except for Kedzie, who became convinced that this Facebook "Max" was one of the guys in the dark.

    And what, no discussion of why he shaved his scruffy beard for the second set of PR photos?

  4. 13. Who gave Sean his haircut and shave? why?

  5. What happened to the sign that was supposedly being stolen? Were the two guys who walked away carrying it as they walked away? Did they leave it behind once the fight started? If left behind, couldn't the police compare fingerprints with Hey, and others?

    (I read through the police report, but I don't recall what happened to the sign being detailed.)

  6. If I remember right, they asked one of the witnesses if there was any political statements being made and when the witness said no, the police seemed to have dropped that angle altogether.

    1. But regardless of ''statements being made', either there was a physical sign, or there wasn't. And if there was and the two guys were actually stealing it, then it is collectable evidence that should still be 'in evidence' and checkable for finger prints.

      Now, I know for 'smaller stuff', the police won't bother with stuff like that. But this is a pretty serious case of battery. Surely if there were a sign and it was left behind (and the witnesses say nothing about the two guys carrying a sign), then it was - or should have been - collected by the police.

    2. Sean's injuries look very similar to several I have seen at Senior center visits (while my late mother was still alive) where residents, for one reason or another, (several times from slipping in a shower or on winter ice) fell flat on their own faces, totally black eyes and extreme facial bruising. Drinking involved anywhere here.

  7. What I am about to share is an old news report, from 2005, but this type of thing happens way too frequently (this was just the first result from a quick google search). Women who file police reports about rape sometimes end up charged with the crime of filing a false police report, and thus are victimized twice. Why isn't this person being charged with filing a false police report?