Sunday, December 23, 2012

Olympic Sized Irony

Yes the story of Suzy Favor Hamilton is one of the oddest most unique stories I personally have ever heard.  I am not going to rehash it because in the grand scheme of things, I do not care about it.  We should be used to it in WI as we have a Governor who has spent two years as a high priced escort selling out all the citizens not just himself.  

We also know that when a story like this breaks, her sponsors would run as fast as they could and as far away as they could from her.   While I understand, and agree, when her sponsorships like those with high school female athletes are pulled, one of the sponsors who ran especially caught my eye!

Duane Maatz, executive director of the Wisconsin potato and vegetable growers' group, said his organization was re-evaluating its contractural relationship with Favor Hamilton, who had served as a promoter for the Antigo-based group since 2011.

"We're deeply sorry to hear about Suzy Favor Hamilton's struggles," Maatz said. "We wish her the best going forward and hope she finds stability."

I was not aware that the Potato's reputation was such that it could not afford to be associated with such a scandal.   I am also amazed that someone who hire registered lobbyists and IS a registered lobbyist, like Mr. Maatz would have the audacity to judge another human being's ethics.  


  1. I would much rather hang out with prostitutes than lobbyists. Many prostitutes have great senses of humor, whereas lobbyists are just creepy. But of course, if you spend enough time with lobbyists you will eventually meet prostitutes, so...

  2. Most of the Potato and vegetable members are libertarian. It stands to reason they would dump Suzy Favor.